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Tucson John
Senior Boarder

Re: Furthur Red Rocks Amphitheater 9/19/2013

#284044 1 year, 1 month ago
Whats up all! Nice clean first set enjoyed the miracle and here comes Sunshine. Many feelings going on, Grateful for the last four years. Old friends new friends and the same spirit. Excited for Eugene but not going to any other shows due to unforseen expensives that ate up my tour money I had saved for 6 months. Still have 3 LA tickets 1 for each night. I the future and all that. Any have had these feeling before but much bigger around Jerry. I dont think it is the end but I dont think we will see Furthur in this manner again. Who knows what 2015 brings hopefully a big ass festival one on the West and one on the East with everyone who is anyone to celebrate 50 years of the most kick ass music the world has ever seen. i have found new roads to travel as a result of Furthur and the boys just keep on giving and taking my money but who gives a fuck. i am excited and been turned on to music again in a way only this music and the people that follow can. Check out Yonder if you have not back to the future and all that. heads up kids its up to us to keep it going, always has been:P
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