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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#290383 1 year ago
Edawg wrote:
Top 3 +4 and 5

3-19-11 Tower Theater....show just had an amazingly tight and fluent jams

9-25-10 Red Rocks....just a bad ass show with a great Help>Slip>Franklins opener

3-3-10 Chicago....amazing setlist and my first furthur show

7-23-11 Mann Center....birthday show

9-25-12 Seattle....super underrated show....was downright awesome!

For some reason the board of the 9-25-12 WAMU show is available for download on archive, at least for now....archive.org/details/furthur2012-09-25.sbd.official
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#290403 1 year ago
1. MSG 11-20-10
1st Furthur show. I had purposely avoided the "new bus" up to that point because I was first watching and then grieving the death of my younger sister in Jan 2010. Knew the music would ease the pain but knew I'd be better off if I returned to the music only after going through and coming out on the other side. Was worth it and to this day, 64 shows later, that St Stephen>Eleven brings me to tears with joy...
....AND I met myhusband at that show.

2. New Year's Eve 2011/12. The whole run actually. The first night setlist was just so darn happy, the second night-good freaking lord-setlist was like an amazing tale of a journey starting with hope, crashing with despair and coming out on the other side full of light, love and knowledge...
..and on the third night I married my husband and was effectively my wedding reception.

3. Tie. Radio City 3-25-11 and San Diego 10-2-12. That SD show is totally a sleeper. The sound was amazing, the jams and setlist incredible. One of those shows that burned into my ears so deep I can still, you know, feel it. Possibly moved me so much because I was, though I didn't find out until a day later in Vegas, pregnant with my first Furthur love baby.

I'm so glad this thread is here. I've been feeling so incredibly crushed since the "by the way our 2014 hiatus includes New Years" news hit at the end of Fall tour..which we canceled and sold all our tix so we could afford both the Mexico run we already booked and the New Years run we planned to do with our daughter. This after missing all of this year except 2 in April when I was in a wheelchair and our only summer show (baby's first) which wad of course Canandaigua. Crushed and sullen and feeling like a big part of my life's context has been yanked out. Reading this thread and sharing just some of my wonderful experiences was really therapeutic. See y'all in Mex.
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#317114 7 months ago
Have to agree the Mann Center show (7-7-12) was HOT!!! Literally!!! Nobody's Fault but Mine into Fire then Cassidy, so cool. I liked hearing Phil get thru the Peggy-O, but maybe not everyone did.There was a wicked China Rider to open the second set. Bobby did bring it down with Dear Prudence. Brought it right back up with GDTRFB. Closed it with One More Saturday Night. My favorite..
The second show at Red Rocks was so AWESOME!!! (9-22-2012) Peaceful Valley Mountain Song So Many Roads, every song was momentous. It was our first trip to Morrison, Colorado and each night was beautiful. Great friends, old and new, it all came together in a wonderful venue. Such a beautiful place. Epic...
Going with MSG (11-10-11) Entire first set was GREAT!!! John K Joe R and Jeff C carrying the torch right along with Bobby and Phil. Opening the second set with Feel Like A Stranger got the groove going again. St Stephen Unbroken Chain Wheel Fire and Sunshine Daydream to shut it down. Good Time..
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#317551 7 months ago
I can only give my top two because twice is all I've seen Furthur, but both of them were scorchers !

7/2/2010 LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH
I: After Midnight > Hell in a Bucket, Loser > Brown-Eyed Women, Liberty, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Comes a Time > In the Midnight Hour
II: Scarlet Begonias > Two Djinn, Wharf Rat > Shakedown Street > King Solomon's Marbles > Let It Grow, Standing on the Moon, Not Fade Away
E: Touch of Grey

11/16/2011 Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OH
I: Deal, Beat It on Down the Line > Easy Wind, Black-Throated Wind > Ramble On Rose, High Time, Cumberland Blues, Quinn the Eskimo
II: Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance > You Never Give Me Your Money > He's Gone > Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain, Eyes of the World > Black Peter > The Wheel > Casey Jones
E: Touch of Grey
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#318359 6 months, 3 weeks ago
That first Sunday Mann Music Center show(2010) with st Stephen,Morning Dew! The whole second set!
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