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Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277011 1 year ago
All this talk of no more Furthur has got me kinda bumming out. Just figured I might try and spread some good vibes by talking about some of the best Furthur shows Ive seen SO FAR! Everybody loves lists and ranking so I thought this would be a good one. List the top 3 FURTHUR shows you have attended based on the overall experience not just a killer setlist or epic RR venue.

1. 11-19-11 Alliant Energy Center in Madison Wis

Found some little bits of paper at the Madison show and had the best experience ever off that stuff there. The roof of the place looked like a giant seashell and I was swimming in the sea of humans. The lot was the right kind of party. Chill but still a rager. No fights or mass vomiting that I saw. Even the security guards were dancing in the ailsles at that one! Weather could have been a little better though. Bad driving after the show from ice and snow and crazy windy in the lot.

2. 3-3-10 Auditorium Theatre in Chicago

The Chicago show was really cool for a downtown one. I usually avoid those preferring the open spaces but this one had a hotel directly across the street that was totally taken over. Ornate cool looking venue too. The run in Chicago was also three of my friends 1st Furthur shows and we picked the right one on 3-3-10. Killer song choice and all played verry well. Thats the night I think I convinced them to join me on the bus.

3. 4-2-11 N Charleston Coliseum in N Charleston SC

Charleston was a cool one for the fact that it was the start of our (my friends and I) spring tour. Two of them had just gotten married and that was a kind of wedding present/honeymoon combo thing we all did. Started in Charleston and went till Boca (wich almost made this list. Hard choices) I had a balcony ticket and two of my friends had floor about 10 rows back. Managed to sneak down w/ them and join that party. I also kind of got turned on to some songs of theirs I never cared for that much at this show. Dire wolf was one I just didnt get till this and now I love it. Mountain song and Magnolia Mtn were another two from that one I love now. I guess driving through the Great Smoky Mtns had an affect on me!

I Just figured everybody has some favorites and now is a good a time as any to share some good times! If we didn't get those gems every now and then we actually would be as crazy as everybody thinks we actually are. I know some people prefer 80s or 90s or cowboy nights. And some people prefer indoor to outdoor shows or venues. Just kind of wondering what may pop up on this list.
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277035 1 year ago
radio City 3 shows , RED ROCKS 3 shows and I gotta say Cooperstown was pretty cool too !!!!
Let It SHIIIINE !!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277037 1 year ago
Red Rocks
Morrison, CO 9/25/10

Help on the Way>
Franklin's Tower
Alabama Getaway
Sittin on Top of the World
High on the Mountain>
Viola Lee 1>
Viola Lee 2>
Cumberland Blues>
Viola Lee 3

Mountain Song >
I Know You Rider >
Terrapin Suite >
The Eleven >
Unbroken Chain >
Dark Star >
Stella Blue >
The Other One

One More Saturday Night

Charter Amplitheatre
Simpsonville, SC 7/29/11

Music Never Stopped
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Me & My Uncle >
Maggie's Farm

Box of Rain
Dear Mr Fantasy
Estimated Prophet >
Eyes of the World
St Stephen >
The Eleven
King Solomon's Marbles
Days Between
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire on the Mountain

Attics of My Life

Bojangles Coliseum
Charlotte NC 2/10/10

Jam >
Here Comes Sunshine >
Crazy Fingers >
Me And My Uncle
Maggie's Farm
Minglewood Blues
Foolish Heart

Lost Sailor >
Saint of Circumstance
Doin' That Rag
Come Together >
Caution >
New Potato Caboose >
Nobody Girl >
China Doll >
Cold Rain and Snow

Box of Rain
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277081 1 year ago
My three favorite Furthur shows would have to be the three shows in Angels Camp Calaveras county for Furthur Fest 2010.
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277096 1 year ago
Experiencing the energy of the first 3 performances of Furthur at the Fox Theatre in Oakland supercharged the portal to my spirit as I felt the musical presence of Jerry within the spirit of the music. The joy was overwhelming!

September 18, 2009

Set 1:

Phil & Bob Jam>
The Other One>
The Wheel>
Jack Straw
The Music Never Stopped >
Bird Song>
Born Cross-Eyed>
Let It Grow

Set 2:

Lost Sailor>
Saint of Circumstance
Scarlet Begonias>
Fire on the Mountain
Saint Stephen>
The Eleven>
Terrapin Station>
Not Fade Away
Donor Rap

Touch of Grey

September 19, 2009

Set 1:

Jam ->
Bertha ->
Good Lovin'
Estimated Prophet
Friend of the Devil
Feel Like a Stranger
Brown Eyed Women
Hell A Bucket

Set 2:

Jam ->
Shakedown Street->
New Speedway Boogie
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Playing In The Band ->
Eyes Of The World>
Unbroken Chain>
Help On The Way ->
Slipknot ->
Franklins Tower

Donor Rap
One More Saturday Night

September 20, 2009

Set 1:

Samson and Delilah
Casey Jones
Mississippi Half Step>
Pride of Cucamonga>
Throwing Stones>

Set 2:

Viola Lee Blues>
Cumberland Blues>
Viola Lee Blues
King Solomon's Marbles
Dark Star>
Welcome to the Dance>
Dark Star>
Uncle John's Band
Sugar Magnolia
Donor Rap

Cosmic Charlie
Thank You Jerry
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277116 1 year ago
Hard to pick my top 3, but of the 21 I've seen, these stand out for sure:
Nov 2010 - Both MSG Shows
New Years 2010
Bethel 2011
!1-11-11 Syracuse NY
Summer 2012 - Night 2 at MCU and Bethel
Ottawa 2010 - really enjoyed the show, and really really enjoyed staying on my side of the border for this one.
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277162 1 year ago
COOL!! It would take a while to thank everyone so Im saying it now in a new bumb/post! Some shows I have to check out now for sure. Lets hear some more! I know they have played just a couple of times but some have to stand out to you cool people ! I know the setlists take a while to type up ( my first one got fd by font size) so I have to say thanks again for the people who took the time to do that. Much abliged!! (~);]!!
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277204 1 year ago
tough choice, picking from 124 shows

stroudsburg july 5th 2010

the garden november 20th 2010

radio city march 26th 2011
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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277219 1 year ago
Very tough indeed.

For this particular list I will follow your suggestion, disregard the set list and maybe the venue and base it purely off unforgettably fun and satisfying memories.

1. 12/30 and 12/31 2009. My first Furthur shows. My first New Years in the Bay (had always been a bucket list item). My excitement was overwhelming. Unbelievably 12/30 is still the only Half Step I have seen. The Terrapin encore made the statement that these guys are going to blow some minds, people dancing in the halls of the Bill Graham, damn was that fun. Then on New Years Eve after an emotional So Many Roads by JK, I will never forget Bob walking across the stage to fist bump John. My heart was pounding! And I WAS HOOKED.

2. 3/12/10 Phils 70th birthday show at the Bill Graham (my 40th was the night before). It was basically one huge 3 set Phil and Phriends show.

3. The 2 Unbroken Chain auctions at Red Rocks 9/25/10 and 9/30/11. 9/25/10 MY favorite Viola Lee Triple Decker Sandwich Viola>Bertha>Viola>Cumberland>Viola! Plus a rare High on the Mountain. 2011 was especially cool with Chris Robinson opening the 2nd set with You Ain't Goin Nowhere> Hard to Handle> Two Souls in Communion. Got to meet him that night too.

4. 7/13/12 MCU It was my wifes birthday, we were on the deck, got to hang out with wlewis up there, food, drinks, fireworks and my wife had a blast which is all that mattered that night. My favorite Furthur Jack Straw!

5. 7/14/13 Cooperstown What can I say, maybe the best setting of all the furthur shows I have seen. In the middle of nowhere, the town was so unbelievably welcoming even the law enforcement, residents, everyone. Meeting up with the FFF folks at the tavern down the street preshow. Ran into some acquaintances from Colorado. The most unique shakedown ever. Double day field was such a cool setting, the glorious rain shower to start the show off. Loved every minute of it.

Note: I guess it was too hard to not mention any part of the set lists!

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Re: Top 3 Furthur Shows Youve Seen (IYHO)

#277319 1 year ago
denverman i love that picture but i can't help but be bummed out that is the shirt i left in the bag i lost at the denver marriott...

had it since i was like 7 or 8. "the louisiana legend"
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