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Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#273250 1 year ago
No stream available yet for New Hampshire...will add it asap. Tour certainly got stronger as the bus traveled on - thru the 1st set of All Good...this stuff\'s good!

Barclays Center


Feel Like a Stranger
Doin\' That Rag
Hell in a Bucket
Cold Rain and Snow
Friend of the Devil
Jack Straw

Here Comes Sunshine
Ruben and Cherise
Greatest Story Ever Told
Uncle John\'s Band >
The Wheel >
Uncle John\'s Band
Unbroken Chain
Let it Grow

Donor Rap
We Love You
Let it Grow refrain

PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, NJ

archive.org/details/furthur2013- ... ski.flac24

Alabama Getaway
Lazy River Road
Bird Song

Born Cross-Eyed
Dear Mr. Fantasy >
Playing in the Band >
Viola Lee Blues >
Eyes of the World
Death Don\'t Have No Mercy >
Shakedown Street

Attics of My Life

Mann Music Center
Philadelphia, PA

archive.org/details/furthur2013- ... kHz.flac24

Cosmic Charlie
Ship of Fools
Loose Lucy
Lost Sailor >
Saint of Circumstance

The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
Estimated Prophet >
Saint Stephen >
The Eleven >
The Other One >
Comes a Time
Sugar Mag

Box of Rain

Doubleday Field
Cooperstown, NY


Music never Stopped>
Shakey Ground>
Music Never Stopped
Foolish Heart
Big River
Pride of Cucamunga>
Black Throated Wind
West LA Fadeaway
Casey Jones

Cumberland Blues >
Might Casey at the Bat (the poem) >
Cumberland Blues >
Dark Star >
Terrapin Station >
Standing on the Moon >
Bertha >

Gimme all your Organs
Samson & Delilah

Gilford, NH

No stream yet..

Scarlet Begonias >
Big Bad Blues >
Brown Eyed Women
Just Like Tom Thumb Blues
Fire on the Mountain

China Cat Sunflower >
All Along the Watchtower
Mountain Song
Help on the Way >
Slipknot >
Throwing Stones
Wharf Rat >
Franklin\'s Tower

Donor Rap
I Know You Rider

Bank Of America Pavilion
Boston, MA
July 17, 2013

archive.org/details/furthur2013- ... -07-17_510

Passenger >
Crazy Fingers >
I Need a Miracle >
Wang Dang Doodle >
Mississippi Half Step
Let it Ride

Weather Report Suite >
Let it Grow >
He\'s Gone>
New Speedway Boogie >
Uncle John\'s Band >
Black Peter >
Not Fade Away >
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad >
Not Fade Away

Donor Rap

BOA Pavillion
Boston, MA

archive.org/details/furthur2013- ... 2013-07-18

Alligator >
Looks Like Rain
Built to Last
El Paso >
Dire Wolf
Big Railroad Blues

Hard to Handle
Just a Little Light >
Eyes of the World >
Shakedown Street >
The Wheel >
Morning Dew
In the Midnight Hour

Row Jimmy >
Touch of Grey

Canandaigua, NY
July 19,2013


Jack Straw >
Dupree\'s Diamond Blues
My Brother Esau
Mason\'s Children >
Mission In The Rain
Box Of Rain

Playin\' in The Band >
Any Road >
Mountains Of The Moon >
Caution (Do Not Step On The Tracks)

show stopped for weather/safety issues ...what they were going to play that didn\'t get played:

Viola Lee Blues
Days Between
At a Siding/Terrapin Flyer


All Good Festival
July 20, 2013


Dancin\' in the Streets
Don\'t Ease Me In
The Music Never Stopped
After Midnight
Mississippi Half Step
Uncle Johns Band
Good Lovin\'

Feel like a Stranger
Cryptical Envelopment >
Dark star >
Saint Stephen >
Dark Star >
The Other One >
Stella Blue >
Scarlet Begonias >
Turn On Your Lovelight

Broken Down Palace
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#273255 1 year ago
Great Shows!!!!!!
Last Edit: 1 year ago by B-Rad.
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#273256 1 year ago
Wanted to take a moment to thank all tapers and streamers. WE are the greatest community of brothers and sisters on the planet. Sharing and caring for each other at venues and on the net. Nothing even comes close to the love we have for the music and each other.
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#273257 1 year ago
B-Rad wrote:

I cannot access that site from work but was wondering if that is a stream or a download?

I MUST get my hands on that show! I will even buy the sbd if that is what it takes!
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#273280 1 year ago
DM yes.

Also some people are calling a We Love You > Spanish Jam > Let It Grow (reprise) encore for Barclays.
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#273740 1 year ago
Thanks for posting. The set list from the All Good Festival caught my eye because of the spelling of Brokedown Palace. I noticed the identical post on the Phil zone. This set list was different from the set list recorded here by Chester. The recording reveals that the order was correctly reported by Chester as Dark Star > Saint Stephen > The Other One > Dark Star. I was curious until seeing and hearing the proof. Our damaged forum will not allow for you to make the correction to your post without thread replication due to links and copied text with apostrophes and slashes. Thanks again!
Thank You Jerry
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#276414 1 year ago

Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center
Canandaigua, NY
July 19, 2013
Source AKG CK91 (ORTF) > MK90/3 > Sound Devices MixPre-D > Marantz PMD 661
Lineage SDHC Card > iMac > Audiofile Wave Editor > FLAC

Recorded and Transferred and Posted by DigiGal

** 16-bit/44.1Khz **

Disc 01 [Set I]
01 tuning
02 Opening Jam
03 Jack Straw
04 Dupree's Diamond Blues
05 Brother Esau
06 Mason's Children
07 Mission In The Rain
08 Box Of Rain

Disc 02 [Set II]
01 crowd/tuning
02 Playing In The Band
03 Any Road
04 Mountains Of The Moon
05 Caution (Do Not Step On The Tracks)
06 safety evacuation announcements

AKG CK91 (ORTF) > Gotham 13001 GAC-2pair on AKG MK90/3 connectors > MixPre-D AES Out >
PMD661 S/PDIF In via passive impedance conversion cable. Mics at 7 ft height and located
dead center of OTS front row on lawn. Used windscreens and added umbrella for second set
watching the storm moving in. Occasional heavy wind for both sets and a lightning storm
during the second set. The show was cut short for safety reasons, but after Caution the set list
contained the following unplayed; Viola Lee > Days Between > At A Siding >Terrapin Flyer. E-Liberty

Tracked out to fit on two audio CD's as indicated.

Phil Lesh - bass & vocals
Bob Weir - guitar & vocals
Jeff Chimenti - keyboards
John Kadlecik - guitar & vocals
Joe Russo - drums
Sunshine Becker - vocals
Jeff Pehrson - vocals
Still Searching For The Sound??? My LMA Recordings and My Etree Recordings
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#277533 1 year ago
Great Shows!!!!!!......
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#277619 1 year ago
Sounds great DG. The opening Jack is smoking and sets the tone for the whole show.
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Re: Furthur Summer 2013 Tour Setlists and Streams Here

#279967 11 months, 4 weeks ago
There is an audience Meadowbrook NH show up now. archive.org/details/furthur2013-07-16
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