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#273226 1 year, 3 months ago
\"TMax\" wrote:
\\\"stricken\\\" wrote:

Should have said head to your cars for cover and we will make a decision in some type of time frame. Would that be to much to ask for it would have at least given those who were drunk a 30 minute window to sober up. At this point the announcement to get in your cars and go home was risking lives by putting drunks out on the road. If anyone got a dui or in a accident i would encourage them to use that in a court of law.

Excuse me? Just have to respond to this one... How did it become the fault of the band or the venue that some fool who chooses not to manage their alcohol/drug intake then makes another choice to drive impaired? What a crazy idea man... Who the hell sobers up in 30 minutes?

Shall we try to keep some perspective on this. The band has never given us reason to believe that they would intentionally do something to cut a show short. They LOVE to play. Just because nothing happened, in no way means nothing could have. We live in a very different world than the sixties, seventies and eighties. In no small part because of angry disgruntled individuals who will sue at the drop of hat if they think a payoff is a possibility!

Shall we all listen to some good music and get back into our peace love and granola mindsets?

where should i start to reply Did you even read my response????? I never said the band was at fault even said the band really had no choice in the matter. HINT read the whole thread before you get your dander up. I also said 30 minutes would have helped never said that it only takes 30 minutes.
Where you there???? did the police tell you to leave now or get a ticket for failure to disperse and trespassing??? All i was saying that its unfair to those who are not intoxicated to be forced out on the highway with those who were.
If thats crazy to think then im crazy and will except that now can you except the fact that the venue still sold beer after the show was canceled. This is pure greed on the part of the venue. The drunks had no choice in the matter they were threatened with tickets for not leaving. ALSO if we were going to be hit with this monster of a storm being on the highway is not safer then seeking cover from the storm in your car. SO excuse me for being crazy whats your exscuse????
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