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Junior Boarder

11/11/10 Chaifetz Arena-St.Louis

#2713 3 years, 7 months ago
November 11th 2010
Chaifetz Arena

Set 1:
Uncle John's Band
Magnolia Mountain
High on a Mountain
Here Comes the Sunshine
So Many Roads
Next Time You See Me

Set 2:
Any Road
Eyes of the World
St. Stephen
New Potato Caboose
Stella Blue
Let it Grow

Attics of My Life
Junior Boarder

Re: 11/11/10 Chaifetz Arena-St.Louis

#4967 3 years, 7 months ago
guess i'll write a few words since no one else has yet.

the uncle john's into cassidy jam that opened this show was purely magical. magnolia mountain slowed things down a bit, but was still nice. then came a totally rocking cumberland. jeff was a madman on those keys during this song! oh my lord! high on a mountain isn't my favorite, but the HC sunshine > so many roads jam that came out of it were incredible. with a well played next time you see me to close out the set left me pretty well mind fucked.

any road to open up the second set was a bit of a surprise, but this is by far the best version of this song played yet. next a magnificent wheel really got things rolling into a jam that was beyond description through truckin'. new potato caboose was chilling, although somewhat lacking, into a spacey jam towards the end. i liked the soundcheck better. but was caught brilliantly by a beautiful stella blue jammed into let it grow.

the a capella attics encore was just off the charts.

curious to hear what other people thought of this show.
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