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let there be songs to fill the air!!!

Re: Set List: Furthur Cooperstown, NY July 14, 2013!!

#270652 1 year, 3 months ago
well home safe and sound from cooperstown! WOW that was friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! had a supper day and day after the show in cooperstown. We went to the Hall of Fame and the Ommegang brewery. we had the pleasure of meeting up with new and old fff @ cooleys on pioneer st.
we got into cooperstown @ noon and parked in the red lot and made our way down to check out shakedown. a good amount of people vending- got some cool stuff and a fff shirt from lilbear. meet some fff peeps near entrance to the field and we all went in. the king and i opted to hang on the bleachers for a bit to see how crowded the field would get. the band takes the stage and the drops start to fall...just a few...then more...the tempo of MNS picks up and so does the rain...wow now it really pours down...but we all kept dancing!!!!!!!! we were pretty soaked.then slowly the rain started to let up... yeah now we get the treat of a beautiful rainbow.
foolish heart was nice and lite and west la fadeaway was tight and rythmic the cool breeze has semi dried us off and casey jones just wound us up!!!
during break we went to find fff on the blankets down behind the tapers. Strider1,wunderland,chester,dr.bakes and then i met karenrose and a few others that now names escape me. Strider1 much love brother, you made our show! thanks for letting us hang on your blanket. wonderful company you guys are!!! i hope you all have a safe travel and some sleep!!!
The beautiful moon is now up and directly over the boys and providing the perfect back drop with the sky dotted with stars. the king leaned in at one point and said \"doesnt get much better than this hun babe?\" it was MAGICAL!!
they opened 2nd set with cummberland and got us moving again-the casey at bat was cool but then the crazy shit began- or the mind fucking as i would say- wow it was a wild ride is it?? isnt it? and then yes DARK STAR very Trippy! But then the terrapin was just perfect and so appropriate.
my highlight was Bertha - it was Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!!!! LOVED IT! then the funky, sexy, rippin GLORIA!! woo hoo ! it was so much fun! we knew sampson was coming...it is sunday! and so it was... and it was nice and upbeat and kept us rocking! didnt want it to end. Loved it !!! so glad we went.
*so a side note- the king dropped his phone down the bleachers and you couldnt get under the bleachers it is all fenced so we had to plead with some dd crew to get someone to come and unlock the fence so they could get some stuff that fell under the bleachers, so crisis overted.
The show was great to say the least- shakedown was poppin and lots of good people watching. we hung out for a bit and then took off for the red lot and made and ate some samiches and cookies. we then made our way along the winding road to herkimer where our motel was. we only saw a few police interactions and they looked called for. we did see a few people pulled over on the road to herkimer (28) but for the most part the police presence was chill. we loved Cooperstown and are really glad it was a good time.
good to see all my peeps and meet new ones- mm glad you found the others from my directions. glad i got to give you a hug!
to all you going to cmac- i am so jealous- we have a wedding in boston so we will not make it. Party ON! be SAFE!
*another side note- i had my phone gallaxy3 and i could sign on to the forum but it would not let me open any threads and the it bumped me out on some condutivity issue.
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