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Is there a Streamer on the bus?

#270610 1 year, 3 months ago
Thanks to all who help share the music! Please help us coordinate streaming for the remaining shows! Facebook posts are often without merit. Furthur - Cooperstown was encouraging to see before the show began, but the joke was not funny to us. Never trust a prankster! We were fortunate to get a taste of the show for the first part of the second set from a pinch hitter! It was an extra-base-hit, and gratefully appreciated! Most of us would like to hear the entire show, and we will have enormous gratitude for any help from you, family members or your friends or relatives or strangers with smartphones!

Summer Tour Part II ... Set List Scribes

7/16 Gilford @ 7:00 pm ... Sustainabill

7/17 Boston @ 7:00 pm ... FurthurFlower67

7/18 Boston @ 7:00 pm ... Sustainabill

7/19 Canandaigua @ 7:00 pm ... Sustainabill

7/20 All Good @ 8:15 pm ... Chester

I believe that the forum will be functioning during the tour. If anyone wants to take a turn driving the bus, you are welcome to any of the dates where the name is not in bold print. Thanks and may all have a great tour!
Thank You Jerry
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