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Set List - Ramble with Phil June 13, 2013

#264019 1 year, 4 months ago
Ramble with Phil Lesh #16 of 2013[/size]

Phil Lesh, Stanley Jordon, Neal Casal, Jon Graboff, Cody Dickinson, and Rob Barraco

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Set I
Jam > www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-JamAfterMidnight.m p3

After Midnight (RB) www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-JamAfterMidnight.m p3

Across the Universe (NC) www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-AcrossTheUniverse. mp3

Sitting on Top of the World (RB) www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-SOTOTW.mp3

Mission in the Rain (NC) www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-Mission.mp3

Crazy Fingers (RB) > www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-CrazyMasons.mp3

Mason\'s Children (PL, RB, NC) www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-CrazyMasons.mp3

Set II
China Cat Sunflower (RB) > www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-Set2MadXfade.mp3

Jam > www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-Set2MadXfade.mp3

St. Stephen (PL, RB, NC) > www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-Set2MadXfade.mp3

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (NC) > www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-Set2MadXfade.mp3

The Other One www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-Set2MadXfade.mp3

What\'s Going On (instrumental)

Satisfaction www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-Set2MadXfade.mp3

I Know You Rider www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-Set2MadXfade.mp3

donor rap

Rosalee McFall www.wmwv.com/TXR-6-13-13-RosalieMcFall.mp3

Thank You Jerry
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Re: Set List - Ramble with Phil June 13, 2013

#264025 1 year, 4 months ago
Jam > After Midnight and Across the Universe need to be tidied up to work. Please remove the extra spaces. Editing is not possible without replicating the thread.
Thank You Jerry
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