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Re: Thoughts on the Sweetwater run

#232999 1 year, 8 months ago
I was at Thursday' show, and I really felt the intensity from the first note of Stranger. The jam before they come back in was just hot and the intensity in the eyes of the musicians said it all.........so to speak........LOL.

So not sure I heard what the original poster did. I watched the streams and felt energy. The Deal the 1st night made it for me. When Phil fist bumps John after a song, you gotta know they felt it.

Maybe it was just the stream? Or lack of movement by the players?? The stage was very tight. Joe has the back curtain falling on him and the boys had no where to go, but just stand there or risk hitting each other.

Missed Fri night, feel asleep after being tired from Thurs night and a wicked sinus infection. Then caught the 2nd set of Sat, which was hot. Missed the Althea that a number of my firends commented was amazing.

Anywho, I felt it!
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