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REVIEW: Shoreline, 09/30/12

#199170 2 years ago
Since writing this review I've read some of the comments about last night's show and it seems that I like this performance a lot more than others. Each to their own, we're all entitled to our opinions, but I stick by my comments...

The brain is very fuzzy after a long night at Shoreline and only an hour's worth of sleep before work this morning. But oh yes, it was totally worth it. What a great show!!!

The fun started on Saturday when Strider and his sister arrived to Oakland. I picked them up at the airport, we shared a nice dinner together, hung out and had a relaxing evening. Sunday we headed down to Mountainview to hook up with Burt (wlewis) and Justin before the show. We had a sandwich at Togo’s, a fun and enthusiastic pre-show session at the hotel, followed by a short drive to the venue.

Things were jumpin’ in the lot, and there was much more of a scene than I expected. Shoreline security and the Mountainview police were a little mellower than normal, so you didn't feel like you had to rush inside the venue to be safe. We found 23atwell and Denver_Man in the lot and hung out for a while before heading into the venue (although I didn't know it was Denver_Man until after we left) .

We sailed through security and headed to our seats - section 102, 18th row towards the right aisle on Phil’s side. We were solidly in the Phil Zone and it was a beautiful place to be. A little after 7 PM the band came out and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. After three days in Edgefield and no travel day before Shoreline I was a little concerned that the band would be tired. If they were tired in the 1st set they surely didn’t show it. Great energy right out of the gate with “Born Cross-Eyed”, followed by a seamless transition into “Built to Last”. Interesting combo of songs to start things off and the band sent a clear signal early on that they were there to play. “Mountain Song” came next, the first of three Phil songs that would played, and I liked its placement in the 1st set. They came out of “Mountain Song” with a nice transition into “Ship of Fools” (only the 6th time played by Furthur). The band kept right on groovin’ with the 2nd Phil tune of the night, and it was a good one! I love “Pride of Cucamonga” and this version did not disappoint. I’m surprised it took them 8 shows to break it out this tour out, but I’m so glad I got it. Let’s see… 2nd Phil song and we’re only 5 songs in…. oh yeah!!!! “Pride” was followed by another 1st of the tour, “West LA Fadeaway”, and it was a nice slinky version with some good vocals from Bobby. “China Doll” was next (the first slow “Jerry” song of the night) and JK did a very nice job with it. I was fully expecting “Casey Jones” to end the set, but instead they did the 2nd Cosmic Charlie of the tour. It was a decent version… not spectacular, but very solid. On the whole it was a pretty mellow but very groovin’ set, solidly played with a few high energy moments.

The 2nd set can be summed up with three simple yet beautiful words…. PHILLIP CHAPMAN LESH!!!!!!!!!! OMFG, Phil came out and just owned that 2nd set like nobody’s business. He was large and in charge, struttin’ his stuff for the Bay Area fans. It was so amazing to watch him do his thing from the 18th row… simply masterful!!! The Meyers sound system sounded sooooooo good and the bass was absolutely HUGE!!!! The whole 2nd set is one big highlight. I was totally not expecting a “Terrapin” in any way shape or form, but the “Terrapin sandwich” was an absolute monster!!! WOW!!! And as good as the “Jam> Lady with a Fan > Jam> St. Stephen! > The Eleven” was, the "China Cat Sunflower> Unbroken Chain> Rider" just blew me to bits. “China Cat > Unbroken Chain > Rider”… are you freakin’ kidding me?!!! Simply outstanding with some major Phil bombs in “Rider” that were sub-sonic and atomic!!!

The band brought us in for a safe landing after a long, intense and winding adventure and we got to catch our breath. “Stella Blue” was the 2nd slow “Jerry” tune of the night, and has been a real rarity as of late. Burt reminded me after the show that they hadn’t done “Stella” since Wanee, so it was long overdue. 23atwell got his Stella and it was a good one. Phil quickly re-asserted his dominance at the end of "Stella", reminding everyone that he was at the helm, bringing us back for the final piece of the “Terrapin sandwich”. It was a rocky transition into “Sugar Mag”, but it was good once it got going. I had totally forgotten about “Samson”, but was happy to hear it. I still can’t really wrap my head around the intro that Furthur does for this song… it just seems weird and unnatural, but similar to “Sugar Magnolia” it was good once it got going.

At the end of the night I was absolutely exhausted, but soooooooooo happy!!!!!!! This was my only show of the tour and I got way more than I had hoped for. Phil was freakin’ spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great night for JK as well, but make no mistake… PHILIP CHAPMAN LESH is still the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
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Re: REVIEW: Shoreline, 09/30/12

#199190 2 years ago
Sounds like someone had an awesome time! So glad to hear it!
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Re: REVIEW: Shoreline, 09/30/12

#199376 2 years ago
great review dude. that show was awesome. I did feel that the first set left me "wanting more," and boy did we get it. That 2nd set was off the hook. The band was tight and the jams were heavy. I was absolutely blown away by the 2nd set, and I was left to scoop my brains back up off the lawn. This was also my only stop on the tour, as i only go to local shows, but i can only anticipate the announcement of the NYE run.

I must say that when the fall tour dates were announced i was a disappointed that shoreline was only getting one night, and a dang sunday at that. But boy was i put in my place, yessir the sunday sermon was in session last night. The show wasn't sold out, but the home crowd who did show up were not disappointed. and if you were, get your head out of your ass.
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Re: REVIEW: Shoreline, 09/30/12

#199387 2 years ago
that show just blew my socks off. still feelin it.
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Re: REVIEW: Shoreline, 09/30/12

#199516 2 years ago
Great Review. It was so nice seeing everyone from fff before the show with no confusions. Like I said before, the show couldnt of been any better for me. Alot goes to it being only one show and havent seen them since nye. So I would of took anything and been happy.
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Re: REVIEW: Shoreline, 09/30/12

#199544 2 years ago
Great review. Thanks.
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Re: REVIEW: Shoreline, 09/30/12

#200567 2 years ago
Had a good time at shoreline. it was the only show i could make this tour and i got to bring a friend for her first dead related show, and she said it was the best night ever. i love turning new people on to the good old grateful dead! the first set left me a little concerned that they were too tired after the 3 night run at edgefield but they proved me wrong second set. I was also very excited for a ship of fools and cosmic charlie during the first set. i always want to hear ship of fools (and U.S. Blues) but rarely get one. Very interesting intro for Samson and Delilah, it took me a minute to figure out what they were doing. all in all a decent show, though that san diego setlist had me wishing i'd made it to that one instead of shoreline... what can you do?
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Re: REVIEW: Shoreline, 09/30/12

#200639 2 years ago
great review, thanks.
first shoreline show that i have missed in years.
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