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Re: I Need Set List Scoring HELP!!!!

#193739 2 years, 1 month ago
Bakes wrote:
I feel like someone banged my wife while I was out of town.

damn! you weren't supposed to know about that.
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Re: I Need Set List Scoring HELP!!!!

#193794 2 years, 1 month ago
Blues_Power wrote:
FurthurFlower67 wrote:
Ok I will make the thread but hope funky can score. If not then can BluesPower help score after tomorrow nights show? I won't be able to check back often so work it out between yourselves please! If we want this game to happen we need to come together as a community!

Thank you!

yep, i can help. won't be listening to the stream tomorrow, but i can tally scores when i get home from Mule. just let me know.

Funky said he can score. Have fun with Warren! We miss you at Red Rocks!
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