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Edgefield is Completely Sold Out

#187303 2 years, 1 month ago
Just checked today.

Glad I got my tickets already. This is gonna be fun!!!!!
"You ain't gonna learn what you don't wanna know."
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Re: Edgefield is Completely Sold Out

#188554 2 years, 1 month ago
Resonant Wave Promotions and the Blacksheep Family invite you to FurtherMore –
TW0 after-parties following the McMenamin’s Edgefield Furthur shows.

FurtherMore will take place at the Refuge, Portland’s premier late-night venue, on
Friday September 28th and Saturday September 29th from 9:00pm until 5:00am. If
you missed getting tickets to the sold-out Furthur shows, FurtherMore at the Refuge
is the place to be during those shows. If you have tickets to Furthur (which will end
around 10:00pm) this will be the ideal place to gather with ALL your friends since
the headline music will not start until midnight and will go until 5:00am the following

The first night, Friday September 28th, is STRING NIGHT. It will feature GREAT
AMERICAN TAXI with Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon and the high energy
string Americana music of FRUITION STRING BAND. Local legend and guitar
virtuoso SCOTT LAW will perform both a solo set and sit-in with the others.

The second night, Saturday September 29th, is FUNK NIGHT. It will feature San
Francisco’s finest psychedelic soul funk band and New Orleans Jazzfest favorite
MONOPHONICS. Also performing will be POLYRYTHMICS, Seattle’s finest Afro-
funk world beat orchestra, and the BROWN EDITION Olympia's sophisticated funk.

The Refuge (116 SE Yamhill St. in Portland, OR) is a large warehouse/loft space
with indoor and outdoor areas, two full-bars, a custom stage and sound system, and a
hardwood dance floor. FurtherMore will be decked out with Blacksheep style lights
and other entertainment for your visual pleasure. There will also be food and craft
vending on site.

Safety first, DON’T DRIVE when you can be “on the bus!”
“On the Bus” ticket packages will be offered soon in very LIMITED NUMBERS
with bus transportation to the Edgefield (for those ticketed for the Furthur show) and
back to the Refuge for the FurtherMore after-party.

We are looking forward to seeing you there for two stellar nights of excellent high
energy music and esthetics with our friends and family until the morning comes!

Peace through music,
Resonant Wave Promotions and Blacksheep Family — with Black SheepFamily at Refuge Pdx.

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Re: Edgefield is Completely Sold Out

#190919 2 years, 1 month ago
if you have money, you will be able to get a ticket in the lot.
i have never been there, so i dont know what kind of lot there will be.
dont buy from anyone that isnt a head, meaning dont buy from gangsta lookin people
with handfull of tickets who are buying and selling tickets.
those people will sell you fake tickets.
there will be people who have friends that flaked on em, and just want to make their money back on the ticket.
that being said, only do this if you are a hard core fan, who is prepared to dedicate hours to finding your ticket.
it aint easy, but its worth it.
dont show up with no money, no way of supporting yourself, and expect to get in.
thats my 2 cents.

i hate to suggest people go without tickets, but if you have cash, and you are goin for the music, not for the party, you will find a ticket. magick still happens to those who deserve it.

have fun, be safe, and dance like no one is watchin,
(i always dance that way)
i wonder how someone dances "like someone is watching"
like what would you do different.
course, i dont "dance" dance, i boogie down, like a hippie/club/raver thing, that depends heavily on the head nod.
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Re: Edgefield is Completely Sold Out

#192178 2 years, 1 month ago

This is how you do it:)
Warrior for Peace and The Positive Movement!
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Re: Edgefield is Completely Sold Out

#192804 2 years, 1 month ago
what the hell happend in that video?
ok, like some high skewler kids, or young 20 sumptins, are dancin(kinda bad) and it in turns inspires alot more(older) white people to dance, one dude with a tucked in white dress shirt. at a music fest.
the one thing that sucks worse than taking alot of drugs and making an ass of yourself,
is today it will end up on youtube befoore the fest iss even over.
used to be maybe someone would have a camera, now everyone carries fukn video recorders.
i think i am begining to dislike hippies.
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Re: Edgefield is Completely Sold Out

#192841 2 years, 1 month ago
it looked like good clean fun...ain't no time to hate.
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