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7-11-2012 The facts via the Stats(spoil alert) 

#172712 2 years, 3 months ago
7-11-2012 Coopers Stats(spoil alert) 
My first ever live bday show.... So nice.

Missing on tour - so far:
Most played to less (total plays)

New speedway boogie (26)
Mountain Song (25)
Death don't have no mercy (23)
Mississippi 1/2 Step Tdodeloo(23)
Ripple (21)
Loose Lucy (18)
New Potato Caboose (17)
Ramble on Rose (17) (new york)
Friend of the Devil(17)
 Magnolia Mountain(17)
Attics (16)
Dire Wolf(16)
Miracle (15)
Stella blue(15)
sitting on top of the world (14)
Johnny b Goode (14)
Foolish (13)
 No more do I (13)
Greatest Story (12)
US Blues (12)

My opinion is it will be a MOUNTAIN night- and southern highlights on the last southern show....

Including speedway, mountain song, fire on the mountain(repeat), magnolia mountain, dire wolf, Johnny b goode, BIODTL, 1/2 step.... And railroad songs (tons o steel, new potato caboose ...etc)
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