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Just wondering about McCoy 7/5.. Lot..Shakedown..

#170817 2 years, 2 months ago
Does anyone have any Pics or vids of the Lot? Shakedown? Buses?
Did the 12 Tribes show? (LOVE those Buses!)

I had a few sheets of stickers made up which I had intended to give away on the Lot just to say Hello with..

"I Miss Jerry" (about the size of a half-dollar).. skull/flowers.. bought 'em on Vista print.. 4 sheets of 24 = 96

I dont expect any of you to just send me your addresses to get one, but it seems that alot of you folks
know and hang with each other.. i could put a few in an envelope and send to any address.. work etc.,
and then would be up to you guys to distribute.. I know there's a few RI folks on here.. just a thought..

NO computer skills to put a pic of them up..I'm lucky to manage this place and YouTube..
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