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Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#170496 2 years, 3 months ago
Hey crew, hope you're having a great day. We went to Newport around 6 this morning and did the cliff walk with the sun comin up, a great morning and day after a great show night.

Ok so i read the setlist thread and i know there were stream issues. Very sorry about that. Connectivity issues, kept getting booted out. Im sure you can understand i didnt want to keep re-logging in. First set we were like 10-15 ft from the stage, between Jeff n John. Second set we were straight ahead in the bleachers, much closer than where the youtube vids are from. Seemed like after Playin i didnt have any issues, so i hope those of you that stuck with me got to hear the last hour or so no problem.

Ok The Show!! Hot, hot, hot both musically and literally. Was like an oven by the stage. Was cool to get the Dancin cuz it has been pined for on this board (sorry FF!!!). It started real slow, but it definitely got there. The jam was real nice and started tonights theme for me which last might was the Bob n John show. They were all over it all night. Next was Shakedown and was a better than average version, but they have played better ones. Built up good momentum around the shake it down section. Then the beast, an ungodly Jack Straw. They usually rip on this tune, but during this one, i and they achieved interplanetary liftoff. I have to relisten to see if im fluffing it, or maybe was the heat or it was just that Fn good. I do not know the song Let it Ride by Ryan Adams, bit it was ok. I needed a breather anyway before I fainted. Black throated was awesome, full on Bob cheese at the end, great stuff. The Rueben n Cerise was a bit flat, it was great to hear but didnt have the swing that i feel their better bersions have. The Last Time had great energy between crowd n band and was a nice treat. The KC Jones to end the set was also a bit flat, the end rave up seemed to go from slow to very fast in just a few repeats of the lyrics, as opposed to the say10 or so they have done in the past. Amazing first set had my adrenaline through the roof. We decided to go to the seats for second set for variety of reasons, better stream hopefully, cool down a bit, and get away from the horrible smelling people by the stage, its a bar of soap it wont kill you!!!!!!

After waiting in the beer line for almost all of setbreak we found some nice seats for set 2. Golden Road was well played as always and got us off to a great start. Then we got a beautiful monster Cryptical>TOO>Cryptical that was just exactly perfect. I was so happy when TOO fell back to Cryptical, elated would be an understatement, my gf was looking at me funny so I know I left for a minute! Dear Mr Fantasy i will have to listen to again, cuz i swear John beat that song up like it had kicked his dog, soaring solos flying high left and right. Playin was good but after Mr Fantasy, that adrenaline dump floored me. Then Playin got real slow and spacey and almost lost. Came back around just in time and then Standing on the Moon. Although a slow song this very much reenergized me as i was thrilled to hear it. Bob nailed it and i would say this is the Jerry song he does best imo. Then Hey Pocky Way, which i know many were waiting for. Its not really in my regular rotation as i barely get past 1979, but thos version was fun and crowd was happy. A hey pocky way aficionado would have to tell me if it was good. Sugar Magnolia closer was fitting for a great Bob night. I felt the SSDD lacked energy, but they had to be tired from letting it all hang out in that heat. Bravo guys, you put this 31 yr old to shame! Liberty encore was something i shoulda seen comin, i just wanted that US Blues so much. Liberty was good tho and we knew we were getting 2 as Phil told us during Donor rap. I didnt think it would be an UJB type number, they stretched it out and jammed ot nice for a second encore. Huge smiles abound as we leave the venue.

Great show all around, again sorry for stream issues. I will be streaming Brooklyn1 and Bethel also so hopefully will be better. See you in an hour for couch tour!! Thank you KFender for the hookup. U da man. Much love FFF
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Re: Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#170498 2 years, 3 months ago
Sugaree, please don't even remotely feel like you need to apologize for the stream cutting out a little!! You did a lot better than the board itself did, that's for sure. We heard the vast majority of the show because of you, and the quality was absolutely great for a phone stream, really clear! Thank you so much for doing that, and know how appreciated it was!! I don't know if you were watching the numbers, but you had close to 400 folks on there at the peak, and you truly made the night of each and every one of us!

Thanks again so much for the stream and the review. Glad you enjoyed the show and today!
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Re: Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#170501 2 years, 3 months ago
Yeah man no worries and thanks so much for devoting your night to giving us a stream. I have my own internet issues so I usually can't make it through any stream w/out some sort of issue.

I am trying to learn how to do this as well. Had a couple of logistics questions. So do you hold your phone in your hand the whole show, or do you set it down somewhere?

Thanks again man and thanks for any tips or suggestions!
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Re: Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#170554 2 years, 3 months ago
Thx for the reassuring words guys! Im glad it was a little better than i thought.

Denver man, no i do not hold the phone in my hand at all. At most shows i set it down on the arm rest next to me. For the first set last night i had it in my cargo pocket and was rockin out like mad, i dont know if i was disconnecting it, or if the connection was bad. Every other time i just place it on the arm rest next to me, and check it when there is a lil break.
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Re: Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#170729 2 years, 3 months ago
Technical problems are not something you can prepare for. We appreciate from the bottom of our hearts you bringing us to the show! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I can't thank you enough! It's people like who who make the community a wonderful place to be apart of! Lots of love coming your way from me!
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Re: Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#170899 2 years, 3 months ago
Sugaree you did a awsome job. I love how you said your gf looked at you funny, so you must of been gone for a minute. Thank you so much for the sweet review and the sweet stream.
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Re: Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#170980 2 years, 3 months ago
Streaming is not easy. I always say, enjoy the show first. And if you can do that, and stream, fantastic!
You don't need to apologize for anything. I know I enjoyed every bit of what I heard, and can't thank
you enough, for you efforts.
And thanks for the review. Sounds like you had a great time. That's the most important part.
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Re: Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#171457 2 years, 3 months ago
yeah it sounded great, and im not sure my sound went out at all in the 2nd set, really really good, thanks!

Im going to try streaming tues-wed this week using the ustream app on my evo 4g . . wish i could use an external mic with my phone, not sure the technology is there yet, at least on my phone

question: were u using the locale's wifi, or were you using your phone providers' 4g or 3g service?

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Re: Show review 7/5 + stream issues

#171459 2 years, 3 months ago
thank you for your steams, and dont sweat the small stuff, we couch tour rats are thankful for what we get.
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