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2012-06-01 joan osborn acoustic duo

#161822 2 years, 4 months ago
had free tix and room to go see this last night at seneca niagara casino. the venue inside is called the bear's den, a nice little tiny 440 person room. only about 10 rows total if that. had third row side stage. great sightline.

she was playing with keith cotton, someone from her full band. she mentioned the acoustic duo format was still relatively new. she primarily sang--extremely well might i add--and once or twice plays extremely basic stuff on acoustic guitar. keith cotton had a baby grand piano and a nord keyboard, but also once or twice played guitar. they used some app on an iphone to provide a beat 3-4 times.

she started the night out with some old blues tunes made famous by folks such as muddy waters, ray charles, and clarence carter. some of these were from her new album "bring it on home" but she also did others from the album. she also did a lot of new material that they had not released. she did the "what if god was one of us" song it was actually pretty neat i had never really listened to a live version of it or anything. my favorite moment was when she brought up she sang with "the dead" and "phil lesh and friends", talked about how awesome they were and how wonderful their music is (we were two out of the handful of deads there because of her association with phil bob mickey and bill). she said she was going to do a tune that they never put in the setlist while she was with them. brokedown palace. they actually did play it a few times while she was in the band but it was not relegated to her. bob and some backups by headband. anyways, it was great.

overall i really enjoyed the show. it was better than i was expecting. about an hour and forty five mins, slightly longer than the shows in the bear's den normally go. that venue is a hidden gem in the niagara region for quality music, and quality sound. if you have the opportunity to see this act i'd highly recommend it
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Re: 2012-06-01 joan osborn acoustic duo

#161888 2 years, 4 months ago
You do get a lot of free tickets. I wish I could've made that show. That's the closest she'll get to Rochester for a while.
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