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Re: The 8 night Beacon run

#150887 2 years, 6 months ago
These shows were WAY over hyped. Peoples expectations were too high. As nice as it is, the Beacon is just a theater. It's no guarantee you're going to get killer shows. Having been to both places now, I say keep Furthur indoor NYC shows, at MSG.

Just as an aside, has anyone reading this ever been kicked out at MSG? For my money it's one of the best venues anywhere, for ALL the right reasons
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Re: The 8 night Beacon run

#151432 2 years, 6 months ago
My first post here...

Beacon Thoughts:

My fav night - Sunday., mostly because I was with my concert buddy and she makes it fun. I was loving the Memphis Blues, first time I heard Furthur do it. I thought the first 3 songs of each set on Sun were jamming. Maybe it was just my state of mind, but felt very high energy to me.

My fav set list - first Tue the 10th. I loved that I was there for ESAU. A great Scarlet Fire, followed by a nice trippy Prudence. Also, two songs that mention New York in one show. Truckin and Ramble On Rose.

My fav seats - friday the 13th. I was in the very first row of loge, with an aisle seat. Room to boogie with only a handrail in front of me. And I got the ticket for FACE on craigslist, from a kind longtime fan. I was in my actual seat area the whole night, happy as can be. No security came down my aisle too often , I was blazing up. If you asked me after Friday night if the Beacon was cool venue, I'dda said hell yeah.

Least fav - Sat night. I paid $200 for down on the floor. (Talked him to lower from $300). Could not find my groove for the whole first set. Tried dancin in aisle, too muuch, didn't work. Found spot, but it was next to a "talker". Wanted to high five all the time, trying to chat with me. I had to switch my vibe around. For second set, I left floor, went upstairs to last row of the theater. (Where I was at tuesday show) met cute girl from philly and her friends. Then they opened with OMSN! And that got my vibe back for much better second set.

And that's my review of the 4 beacon shows I saw. Great seats and section vibe can make a show for me. Also, great concert buddies can also make a show that much better too.

Venue: don't like it, ppl already made some great points. Beacon lobby too tight, not enough bathroom space, security was a bummer. I agree with the MSG comments, I'm all for MSG. But also, Radio City. March 2011 much more enjoyable at Raadiio City. Bigger lobby, better bathrooms, less hassle from security.

Speaking of last year run, we had the fun Abbey Road thing at bestbuy, plus nice Warren Haynes guest jam. Then radio city had Elvis and Larry Campbell. Count me in as someone who likes those kind of things to spice uup a show or residency.
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Re: The 8 night Beacon run

#151740 2 years, 6 months ago
i hope Bob is ok, but take into consideration how taxing playin 8 shows in a row has to be.
i cant even imagine ATTENDING 8 shows in a row, without being totally wiped out.
while i wanst there, i listened to some streams(thanks Rob!)
and they seemed to be playing in top form, but the beacon is kinda small,but its such iconic venue, i see why they would want to do a residency there.
i cant wait to see whats in store for west coast!!
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