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Platinum Boarder

Re: Appreciation for TaperRob

#181714 2 years, 2 months ago
i am considering, with his blessing, of making a TaperRob t-shirt, like one shirt for him.
you know the whole gag like

golfers do it in 18 holes, or Soccer Players do it in under 90 minutes, or whatever

well what, do you think, would be a funny/acurate one for tapers/streamers?

whatever one i find the funniest/best will appear somewhere on the shirt.

for the record, and Robs info., i dont plan on putting "taperrob" anywhere on the shirt,
just a one and only custume shirt, themed after GD tapers, mike stands, etc. with GD lyrics relating intertwinded,
im no tyedyer, so it will probably be on light grey or white.

and it will rock.

i will present this to him, with his choice of beverage, and smoke. on behalf of us F3 who get our kicks, at home, because of him.

yeah TR rocks.
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