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Re: Set List: Wang Theatre Boston, MA 4/5/12

#143482 2 years, 6 months ago
taper.tsquare wrote:
Sustainabill wrote:
taper.tsquare wrote:
i here's the link to night #1... bt.etree.org/details.php?id=554073. good night John Boy.

Thanks. I got it, love it, and listened to it a little too long this morning.

Most of the first set was long gone when I tuned in to Uncle John this morning, but I got to hear most of Viola Lee Blues - love the ending - and now it's time to enjoy the second set.

Best wishes to all for another stream come true.

I have a simple query. If there is a growing representation at shows among members from this board, why isn't there a designated community stream pouch with phone/mic/batteries/instructions? This could accompany the flag from show to show and ensure stream access. Wharf Rats and Rock Med are good meeting places since most venues have them.

It's probably a little more complicated because of the potential of misuse of the phone, expenses, or consequences.

Perhaps a transmitter can be sewn into the flag...

that's a pretty cool idea. i agree there could be some unintended consequences, but this a very trustworthy group and we could pull something like this off. i'm curious to hear what other folks think of the idea.

Looking forward to when these seeds are sown so we can experience the burst into bloom!
Thank You Jerry
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