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Bob and Bruce - The Fox in Oakland - Pictures POST

#140438 2 years, 6 months ago
What a venue. Bruce was his normal solo self - played mostly new material from an upcoming movie(spike lee) and a broadway play. He was great.

Bobby was spectacular! I got pictures posted below.

Thanks Taper: Trent T. ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for the UNREAL recording. Just AESOME!!!!

Set 1: Bruce Solo
01. Red Hook Summer > Sticks and Stones
02. Heir Gordon
03. Preacher in the Ring
04. Banter
05. Where's the Bat?
06. Continents Drift
07. Valley Road
08. 20-20 Vision and I'm Walking Round Blind > A Night on the Town

Set 2: Bob Weir Solo
01. Intro
02. My Brother Esau
03. The Music Never Stopped >
04. KC Moan
05. When I Paint My Masterpiece
06. Peggy-O >
07. Big Bad Blues >
08. Ashes & Glass
09. Easy to Slip
10. Black Throated Wind >
11. Cassidy
12. Sugar Magnolia

He took a 90 second break and came on with Bruce...

Set 3: Bob & Bruce
01. Too Much Monkey Business
02. technical difficulties (Bruce's monitor has issues)
03. Most of the Time
04. Lady With A Fan >
05. Dark Star v1 >
06. Other One v1 >
07. Me And My Uncle
08. E: Hell in a Bucket

Please try this URL to see if you can see my top pic's from this show.

password : broesau


Wang tomorrow - and the tour is ON!
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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#140525 2 years, 6 months ago
One thing missing from the setlist - they actually squeezed in a couple verses of The Other One between Dark Star and Me & My Uncle. I think the sequence was Lady With A Fan>Dark Star>The Other One>Me & My Uncle and it was awesome!
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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#140610 2 years, 6 months ago
i wonder what they will play tonight?
i bet bob does mmore ratdog/solo stuff, and bruce the same, but i bet he plays the wya it is, i dont knw whwy. or cruice control.
bob its a gamble.
id love to see bruce on the acordian and bob on guitar!!!!
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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#140666 2 years, 6 months ago
Thanks, Cooper, for the setlist and Monkeyfoot for the clarification. I was there too and I had a blast. I thought the mood was a bit subdued, which was expected due to the solo acoustic nature of the show. Call me crazy, but whenever I'm at a Dead related event, I just wanna dance! Luckily, my seat was in the last row of the second orchestra section (right behind the soundboard) so I was able to boogie to my heart's delight without pissing anybody off. When Me & My Uncle appeared after Dark Star, I was instantly transported to Port Chester 1971. Superb!

Other highlights were Most of the Time (unsung Dylan gem fo sho), BTW, KC Moan, Essau...hell, it was all a big highlight for me.

Wish I were there tonight.

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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#140668 2 years, 6 months ago
I can't wait to see the pictures thanks!
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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#140677 2 years, 6 months ago
i wasnt all that enthused...there were not full "sets" to speak of, rather three mini sets with only 5min or so in between. bruce's set was great, very inspired songwriting and some stunning jams on some of them. at one point they flash a light on bobby's gear, and then bruce says "i dont know if you can tell but im totally wignin it up here...", which i took to mean bob should have been out there playing with him from the get go or after a start or two and for some reason was very late. after a few more tunes the energy rises and it is clear weir is about to come out...

then the buzzkill...HORNSBY LEAVES!!!

i figures there would be some solo material, but to have each of them play solo for an hour and play together for 40min had me scratching my head.

weir opens with easu, which i enjoyed the opportunity to hear live. next highlight was easy to slip, which had some good vocal from weir that went into some places and ranges id never heard from him before. the only section of music that had any interesting playing i thought was cassidy and sunshine daydream. aside from simply getting to hear easu, good vox on slip, and simply decent jamming and playing on cassidy and SSDD. the rest of the set was the most boring music ive ever heard live from any living member of the dead. it wasnt really that bad, per se, just not good. when you remove the interplay between amazing musicians onstage, its just some guy singing music, not magic...alot of the songs could have had some punch, but it was so laid back and reserved...kc moan>masterpiece>peggyo? how about something with some pace, or some intricacy? truckin, or maybe sailor saint? i would have loved to hear weather report>LIG from either weir solo or both of them...his song choice was totally boring and unambitious with the exception of sugarmags>SSDD...spent the whole set waiting for it to be over, except the last ten minutes, which i spent being pleasantly supprised by cassidy>sugar mags.

i tried to go out for a smoke but they both came out and sat down so i quickly decided to hold of till later...monkey business was sweet funk jazz...the next song i decided to slip out for my smoke and unfortunately missed the beginning of LWAF, but caught the whole jam out of it and into darkstar...AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL AND SUBLIME. freaky pssychedelic classical jazz now! the whole LWAF>DS>TOO>MAMU sequence was breathtaking.

then comes the second buzzkill...right after the show finally begins to pick up the pace with the sublime and psychedelic DS>TOO, and a SMOKIN and very inventive me and my uncle, THEY LEAVE THE FUCKING STAGE. i was sure we were in for another hour of bob+bruce...i thought that was the whole point of the show, but i guess not...

i found the crowd pretty rude, which can happen when you get seats way in the back. some large group of people decided it was ok to turn the very back row into their childrens personal playpen, and there were lots o talkers, loudly conversing about weed and whatnot over the music...when i asked the folks to stop talking cause ive never seen horsby he told me he hadnt seen his friend in 8 years and he didnt car casue hed seen hornsby 400 times. thankfully he left shortly after, then the children come out...yelled at the mother, told her to find somewhere else for the kids to play. after several confortations staff eventually quieted them down and they seemed to leave before the bob+bruce set...if anyone reading this was sitting in the very back few rows left, balcony in the party of people talking loudly and refusing to stop or bringing their horrible little children to the show, kill yourselves! no one seemd to understand the music was only a fraction of the volume of a full band show, and an intimate, quiet, slow evening with one or two musicians onstage isnt the time for loud raucous non music related bullshit

really dont understand why they didnt play together more. a few solo songs from each was really all we needed, there are so many different places those two could have gone with the themes brought up in the LWAF>DS>TOO>MAMU sequence that i just cannot wrap my head around why i had to sit thru an hour of solo acoustic weir when i could have been watching THAT.

an unambitious venture, especially for weir(except maybe on the vocals). after the TRI ratdog show i was left realizing that weir, without phil(phil+bob=magic every night), CAN play amazing, stunning, inventive and psychedelic jams, but simply does not for a huge portion of the show, and spends it putzing around slow, mediocre songs like KC moan, ashes and glass and masterpiece with jamming that goes nowhere. it all simply sounds technically tight and spot on. but then for a short portion of the show, like the bob+bruce LWAF>DS>TOO>MAMU or the TRI ratdog cassidy>birdsong>stuff, he and the ensable hes playing with BLOWS YOUR FUCKING MIND with stunning psychedelic jazz, then winds it down. WTF? why not just play stunning music all the way thru, like he does with furthur or the dead, instead of making us sit thru soft jazz/singalong hour???
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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#140980 2 years, 6 months ago
believe it or not some of us dig the jazzy singalong stuff.
i totally understand where your coming from, this was probably more of a sittin down kinda show,
and im a big dancer myself.
i love it when people call it GD elevator music.
as far as set lists go, i fig. one set apeice, then one tegether.
you fig. they would each sit in on each others sets, and then do a set together. seems kinda like it would have been
billed bob and bruce, instead of solo and together.
anywho, i wish i was there.
maybe you should have went to TC, to see phil.
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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#141033 2 years, 6 months ago
I saw the kids playing and yes that shit was rude. The people were a little snotty there. The lady In front of me kept on telling on people to the usher that they were smoking pot. I kept in the zone though with bobby. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I think I might of been the only one dancing in the fron on the balcony to the left of the stage. Then sugar mag came and that's when people starting getting up and dancing.

I expected it to be a little slw but I expected more people to dance and get into it. I still had a great time and enjoyed what bobby did.

Me and my uncle was amazing.
And I'm going to sit right here until I die
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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#141048 2 years, 6 months ago
that's too bad cause Bruce's solo shows with the Noisemakers are kick-ass and he frequently plays and jams in and out of his own tunes and dead standards all interwoven. hopefully they'll work out the wrinkles for Vibes
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Re: Bob and Bruce -the fox in Oakland

#141070 2 years, 6 months ago
this show absolutely kicked ass!!! i respect the different opinions, but i thought both shows were awesome. here is a link to my recording from 03/31 in case anyone's interested. bt.etree.org/details.php?id=554013.

i'll try to get the 2nd night posted sometime tomorrow.
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