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Count Basie Orchestree

#139982 2 years, 6 months ago
great night for music last night. hit the happy hour at the Triple Door. Danny Godinez playing in the lounge. Phenomenal guitarist; what a treat to hear such a talented person. it was an after work happy hour, self-centred crowd, that initially wasn't receptive but after a while everyone was pretty much focussed on the music. then swung across the street to see Count Basie. a truly diverse crowd young and old hipsters--good representation from local high school jazz bands. it'd been a while since i'd heard acoustic music. i was amazed at how the band could be soft and quiet minute and quickly become really loud. the "conductor" was quite a cat strutting around the stage keeping the band "together". some of the guys in the band had played with the Count, being in the band 30-40 yrs. during the intermission i got talking with an older local musician who for some reason knew me and we talked about all the gigs we'd played (he must've been in his 70s). this was kind of weird as i'd never seen him before and i am certainly not a musician on that level....but felt like i knew him, maybe in one parallel universe.....or maybe he was just havin' fun with me.
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