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Re: 12/31/2011-Happy New Years Show My Phriends

#107278 2 years, 9 months ago
Wow, my response ended up in the middle of the original post. Don't know how that happened! We'll just put it down to the great weekend.
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Re: 12/31/2011-Happy New Years Show My Phriends

#107955 2 years, 9 months ago
Just saw those picture Furthur posted on FB of New Years and HOLY SHIT!!!! That would be a dream to experience something like that, truly. I thought it was awesome that Bill Walton was father time too, he's great! My brother met him when we were at a celts game some years back, really nice guy. Funny story too when he was doing a celts game a season or two ago in San Fran (because Tommy is afraid of flying) the c's were beating them pretty bad and some guys where giving Bill and Mike some shit. When they were getting up to leave they made some snide remark and Walton goes "yeah ok pal see you at the next dead show". Now this was after the November 2010 show in Worcester that we were both at (so I guess it was last season). But anyway I think that's awesome, I hope to be out there someday before they are done!
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Re: 12/31/2011-Happy New Years Show My Phriends

#107969 2 years, 9 months ago
I love reading these threads after having been to the shows. Sometimes a comment that someone makes has the ability to put me right back to an exact moment that I had somehow overlooked in the richness of it all.

Thanks to everyone who shares their thoughts on here and helps to continue experiencing these incredible magical musical interludes over and over.

I can't ever get enough Furthur!!

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Re: 12/31/2011-Happy New Years Show My Phriends

#114224 2 years, 9 months ago
well, the final night of the weekend, and it's NYE taboot. energy was so positively thick you could see it in the air. usual burn session in the room beforehand and a large gathering of forum members on the floor just right of the soundboard.

golden road kicks things off it's a solid version. nothing out of this world but most notable to mention are the tones jk is flipping through during his solos. i swear to god his first ripping solo sounds like something out of a 1995 sonic the hedgehog sega game. with the push of his foot he's grabbing some of the snarl and he never lets up. great opener for such a wild night. cosmic charlie another excellent tune for the night. delivered nice and psychadelic, just the way i like it. first two songs, tunes the GD dropped very early in their career. for me, i grew up with these songs because i'm younger. someone like alex (golden arrow), is particularly ecstatic for something like that, a tune he never saw the GD perform. althea is a nice song choice but man does weir fuck this one up or what?? i am all for bob exploring tones and equipment but it was over the line. it was a screech mixed with a car horn. it got so bad phil had dropped back near the on-stage soundboard looking like "what the fuck!? turn it off!!"..at one point it faded but then returned...eventually it died out and the tune was able to be played out horn/screech free. next time you see me is a rare one from furthur. normally (from the versions i've seen) it stinks, timing is strangely off, weirs vocals aren't right, jk isn't really doing what needs to be done. tonight was different. it was a step up better. weir was strong and the band was chugging along as should be. next tune was one that i really wanted to hear throughout the weekend, and gracefully they did so. high time, truly if any night/show/venue/crowd was one, this was it. jk very delicate , cautious as not to rush the sweet vocals. sunshine and jeff really add in this song, big time, shivers up the spine type stuff. for those naysayers of this backup duo, need i say more? the round harmonic sound is excellent with this group. ahh shakedown street, there's no way we could go NYE run without it. strong opening section and verses. chimenti is rolling around and jk is letting his funky side hang out. phil bob and russo provide the perfect pocket but done so by allowing each other to play three significantly different parts, master rhythm section, all because of how well they listen. the shake it down section is not as prolonged they fly right into a groove and everybody is there, total gestalt sound. quick drop back to that chorus riff, and up to the main for a strong finish with that unmistakably dissonant opening of viola lee, weee they're killin it, entire floor is moving in synchronicity at this point. "judge decreeeeed it..." WOOOOOO jk whizzes around during that first solo, that guitar is squealing. phil does his signature descending lick, and jk is back at it, a little more lazily not enough for chimenti so he says let's go and back up f or the 2nd. chimenti is out of the gate for the 2nd solo and they take this one to the outer edges and with the flip of a switch are back at it for the final verse...."i've got friends somewhere" and i look at my forum crew...one beautiful thing about this music is that it takes on new meanings constantly throughout your existence within and with them. time to run around the venue...

tune up and the opening notes of MORNING DEW!?!?...something i thought i'd never see this band do..open a 2nd set (any set for that matter) with morning dew. even after 92 furthur shows they are still able to make things very interesting for me. jk is masterfully navigating his away around this tune, but around the 6:15 mark weir is playing some really off-key riff that sours it for a second, but JK comes through huge into the solo, phil rumbling! this one just ripples and oozes, the climax is not a "best ever" type moment but it was well done, sending the band into a swirl..where we gonna go?? things quickly speed up. a little over three minutes into the search phil is displaying strong signs of a dark star but nothing is "confirmed" at this point (yes in actuality they know where they're going, they just don't know how). phil and jk are the leaders of this (and many) jams. a few other one type riffs to confuse everybody and they find their way out there to the star. nice jam up to t he vocals, good delivery on the vox as well. another time where the backup singers stand out to me. they take the jam into some unchartered territory after the vocals, a very fast jam with russo doubling down, weir is bending time just enough for jk to explore new paths. around 14 min mark jk blasts through a very progressive transition almost cassidy-esque and keeps the energy there, with another progressive jump not 30 seconds later, again sounding a little like cassidy but it's not and you know it's not, and you can tell how fresh and unrehearsed it was, it was magic. the band has stepped out of their comfort zone at this point, but these are the risks they must take to reap rewards like this...powerful launch into masons children, unexpected for this weekend. doesn't get the most play. awesome version with a killer outro jam that JK sweetly manuevers back out to the dark star galaxy..this jam is really psychadelic, reaching into the depths of what they can do. awesome 2nd verse vox weir really stretching his out, the crowd approrpriately cheering..shall we go, you and i, while we can?...not the smoothest transition but jk is right there to move forward into mountain song. really nice work by everybody..this song has grown so much since the debut that rainy night in eugene sept 2010..chimenti does an awesome melodic run through the verse during one of the jams, something i've never heard him do..rider was coming from a mile away. this group has really made the mtn song>rider combo something, done several times. well played rider, chimenti wailing away on the grand piano and jk soaring...these recordings aren't phil/bob heavy. this is a well balanced group sound. ensemble sound. of course a little breather after that sequence. st stephen is really well played a little shaky on the transition coming back in but they pull it off, into a GREAT fire on the mountain. phil is thumping and that first solo jk pulls 2 killer tones the first he is in your face with his MIDI just radiating positive energy in every direction, so appropriate for the dragon that would soon spit fire. the 2nd tone is just MIDI off it's not quite garcia but it has that base to i t and he rips it and fans it right back to phil for another verse...chimenti is all over the 2nd solo on the B3...there is a third solo in this version (furthur does not always do one) and jk has it to himself, signature fire tone and all, nothing blazing, but short and sweet, nice cap to the set..."we'll be back in a bit"-weir with a little thunder sound, preview of what was to come..

very psychadelic booms of thunder with no lights, and a large dragon right above my head, still covered...right behind me the spirit of the new year was standing on the riser thing and it eventually pushed her up to climb onto the dragon...it starts to float around it spit fire it screeched it blew smoke it was wild, the lights bouncing off of it and everybody going bonkers. with the stones blasting full volume we countdown to midnight the balloons are flyin everybody is having a blast, and what's that??

SUGAR MAG..another one i really wanted in that particular slot as well...bob flubs the 2nd verse but it's okay nobody cares it's that kind of night...playin up next, big gun...starts out well, and phil (as george would put it) gets majestic on the way out to the deep end. they don't really go anywhere they haven't been with this one..phil hints at crazy fingers toward the very end of this but jk and gang steer into uncle johns band. another standard rendition but the back end jam is great. russo is running circles around everybody, jk running into everybody and speaking to everyone via instrument, phil picks it up and shoot a colors of the rain riff but they digress for a second and kick it back up again..phil is finding a way for it to come through. this is improvisation at it's finest. they've got a destination they want to be at but they are pushing back and forth to find the new road. phil and jk, together, slide in to the colors groove and they're off. phil sounds strong and sunshine/jeff are awesome on this. instrumentally jk struggles with this one and his tones aren't quite there on this version but the outro jam is nice and drops into a whirling born cross eyed. again jeff and sunshine just sounding awesome. some people don't like their contributions but damn right now phil and bob even with jk would be a little weak in my opinion. i remember when they didn't have them and it was good, but it adds such a dimension on so many songs..they slow it down and we finally get our wheel for the weekend, and it's about time! i mean really at this point it's like, well, what else! nice and lazy just the way i like it..dynamics are such a huge part of this song. this band in general has a firm grasp on dynamics and which and where and when to use them. grateful dead we're all about it too though, so, naturally...PHIL BOMB..and a very empty funky riff leading to the 'small wheel turn by the firing rod' verse. this song actually reaches the psychadelic exploration i wanted the entire third set to contain. they ever so naturally float back to the playin reprise. to me they sounded a little tired for the 3rd set but it was good nonetheless. a few minutes of clapping cheering and the conch horn to bring phil back out..

i know i couldn't have possibly been the only one scared to death they'd cap the whole thing off with saturday night...it would have just been such a slap in the face.

TERRAPIN!?!?!?! another thing i never thought i'd get to witness this band do. never cease to amaze. really great choice, the crowd was so happy. i felt like i was levitating. they went through and did a great job. not much to complain about BUT everybody with a microphone sings "INSPIRATION" and it sounds so much better than bob doing it by himself. thanks bob, for finally realizing it! perfect end to a fantastic show.

my first NYE show, ever. one for the ages. can't wait for the 2012 NYE RUN!!
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Re: 12/31/2011-Happy New Years Show My Phriends

#114431 2 years, 9 months ago
Dude, you write well.
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