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JOAN OSBORNE and PL&F (Scofield and Campbell, too)

#96039 2 years, 10 months ago
Someone a while ago in the General Forum asked for a recommendation where they could cut their teeth with Joan Osborne. I'm a big fan of the coupling of PL&F and Joan. Maybe there are other folks wondering where to hear a good show of hers or where to begin within her tenure. This is a great Joan show. This 1st second set smokes. Lots of songs featuring her powerful voice, both as lead and as backup. Her Fire stanzas are fierce. She had such a confident presence, which isn't always easy to find with these wonderful players. This is probably sacrosanct for some, but she could make the crowd as uncomfortable as Pigpen did at times. There is also a video out there with the SBD webcast synced, so the sound is nice. Definitely worth tracking down because they're having a blast. Scofield and Campbell seem to really enjoy playing together, and there are lots of smiles all around stage.

Phil Lesh & Friends
June 18, 2006
Bonnaroo Music Festival
Manchester, TN

Set 1
01. Uncle John's Band >
02. Cumberland Blues
03. Big River
04. Scarlet Begonias >
05. Fire On The Mountain >
06. All Along The Watchtower >
07. I Know You Rider

Set 2
01. Shakedown Street >
02. New Speedway Boogie
03. Feedback >
04. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) >
05. The Other One >
06. Gimme Shelter >
07. Not Fade Away >
08. (In The) Midnight Hour >
09. Franklin's Tower
10. Box of Rain

Phil Lesh
Joan Osborne
Rob Barraco
John Scofield
Larry Campbell
John Molo
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Re: JOAN OSBORNE and PL&F (Scofield and Campbell, too)

#96153 2 years, 10 months ago
i was there!! i had a great time. that was my final bonnaroo, it had already evolved quite a bit since 01 or 02 whenever it started and i decided it was headed in a direction i wasn't... that whole tour was awesome though. the lineup was very cool except it switched i don't remember which show it was after exactly but barry sless came in and so did greg osby...opening for them after the lineup changes was trey anastasio mike gordon joe russo and marco benevento, i called them G.R.A.B. (gordon russo anastasio benevento)...did they have a real name? although their performances were pretty similar they did some cool beatles/who covers i remember, fun way to get things going. and trey would often come out during the second set with phil, sometimes doing some great stuff. i think this was the summer phil and gordon did the bass duel in essex junction VT. ah, 5 years ago seems so long in this case.
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