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Gold Boarder

Re: Who would you like to see open for Furthur?

#74350 3 years ago
it'd be really awesome to see especially in some of the smaller venues
People joining hand in hand while the music plays the band
Fresh Boarder

Re: Who would you like to see open for Furthur?

#74511 3 years ago
Medeski, Martin, & Wood
Charlie Butler Trio
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Dave Mason or Stevie Winwood or just Traffic.

I was just telling a fellow head last week that I miss the openers at the Ratdog shows, coming out during the second set. I love an opening act that can bring something new and fresh to the jam.

Re: Who would you like to see open for Furthur?

#76393 2 years, 12 months ago
wlewis wrote:
doin_that_rag wrote:
wlewis wrote:
since bob is all into his solo acoustic stuff, fuck an opening band, acoustic set every night to precede 2 electrics, 1980 RCMH/warfield style

that would be something else i'm in favor of this route

i mean really why not if bob is into it, we know JK does acoustic solo stuff, phil can do whatever (but play your modulus, the upright was novelty a few years back but let's be real, it was a shame to see phil so held back on the thing) chimenti can play his fender rhodes and give russo a simple kit with some supplemental percussive instruments, jeff and sunshine can swing and sway, would be worth 30-45 minutes each night

i'm all in favor of an acoustic set followed by two electric sets, but if there had to be an opening band...

Anders Osborne
Mother Hips
Chris Robinson Brotherhood
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