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Junior Boarder

Jesse Cobb leaves the Stringdusters

#69074 3 years ago

"Fans, I am writing to inform you that my time with The Infamous Stringdusters
has come to a close. I've had some of the best times in my life making music and
working together with all the awesome people in the organization over the last
6-7 yrs. I've also been through some big changes in my life and have come to
realize that traveling and being away from my loved ones, as much as is
required, is taking it's toll on me both mentally and physically. I hope you all
continue to dig the music and support the rest of this amazing band as they
continue to grow and bring their special brand of Bluegrass to you, and others
all over the world.

You all can keep up with my goings on at my new Facebook Page where you can take
video lessons and see what I'm up to musically. Excited to see what comes up in
the future!

Buy the "We'll Do It Live" album asap, and enjoy The Festy this weekend. I'll be
there in spirit rockin' out to all the amazing musicians with you all."

- Jesse Cobb
Junior Boarder

Re: Jesse Cobb leaves the Stringdusters

#69075 3 years ago
On the plus side he did say somethings about being able to take video lessons on his face book page.... this might be the things that gets me to sign up for face book after all this time!
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