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Re: Bucket list for amazing artists

#92714 2 years, 10 months ago
[quote="fourwnds" post=92629]Strider1 wrote:
Wow, where to start.

Luckily, I've seen almost everyone I have ever wanted that is, or was, still alive.

Non Dead related standouts include:

Pink Floyd (w/o waters) 6X on last tour in 1994

Nice List!! and did you happen to attend the Oakland show for Pink Floyd and if you did did you happen to see that little single engine airplane that flew over the coloseum that flashed "THINK PINK" underneath it's wings. That concert was the most all out assault on the senses I've ever had the pleasure to shroom too. : )

I caught San Antonio, Dallas, Ames, Kansas City, and both Detroit shows.
The plane in Oakland sounds cool.
They played 3 nights in Oakland.
Which night did it happen?
Did it fly over during On the Run?
Takin' it in stride!
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Re: Bucket list for amazing artists

#92728 2 years, 10 months ago
ones that are possible-
Deep Purple Mk II!
King Crimson Mk I!
Yes again with Jon Anderson
Bobby and Phil with Mickey and Bill again(hey that rhymes)
Black Sabbath Mk I again but with an Ozzy sound-alike
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Blue Cheer again but with Randy Holden, not sure about the bass/vocal duties
lost in a maze of liquid smoke I thought my brains were gonna choke
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