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Red Rocks GD Rad.replay n reviews here

#285103 1 year, 1 month ago
Set 2:
9 Mountain song >
10 The Eleven >
11 Mountains of the Moon >
12 Lady with a Fan >
13 Terrapin Station < here @ 11.21am
14 The Days Between >
15 China Cat Sunflower >
16 Playin’ in the Band >
17 Uncle John\'s Band
18 Phil’s organ donor rap
- encore -
19 I Know You Rider
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Re: Red Rocks GD Rad.replay n reviews here

#285164 1 year, 1 month ago
I'm going to go out on a limb and give my opinion of The 2013 Furthur:

I think the Band has tightened-up nicely and is playing at Grateful Dead Level (GDL)
I believe the use of set-list has been a tremendous help. The vocal harmonies are sweet and "In-Key". They compliment the other instruments. Ever since the "Sweetwater" shows I was very impressed with the solid quality of JK's leads and slide guitar.
Jeff too. I just dig his mastery of the piano and style on the Hammond B 3 organ. I love that distinct sound from those Leslie speaker cabinets (Brent stacked 2 behind Phil and 2 around him n Jerry).;

This years pay-per-view gigs: Sweetwater's, Ramble's and Locken' Fest where most welcomed and much appreciated. I could for the first time see the band playing live. Let me explain...I've been too several Furthur shows but usually only catch a head or what ever was being projected. I am also a transplant survivor who doesn't handle long periods of waits in the outdoor sun or risk exposure to flu and tour-hack stuff that goes around. (Avoid Mosh Area) But for me and other patients in hospital, your pay-per-view's were a hit with Locken being a home run.
Good luck with all of your 2014 projects.
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