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Re: Grateful Dead vinyl bootlegs and oddities

#282742 1 year, 1 month ago
One that I have is a triple album called: \"For Dead Heads Only, Capitol Theatre 8-26-78\". I looked at my friends Deadbase and it said there was no show on that day. It came in some wierd cardboard cover thing with a picture of 70\'s Jerry on it in black and white. Also, clearly the lables on each LP were put on by hand as some don\'t match up with the hole and create a bad rub/scratch sound when the end is near.

Side 1: 1. Jack Straw, 2. Me & Uncle, 3. Big River, 4. Stager Lee, 5. Passenger
Side 2: 1. Candy Man, 2. Good Lovin\', 3. New Mingle Wood
Side 3: 1. Heart of Me, 2. Loser, 3.Chiantown, 4. Extra Extra*, 5. Chinatown Shuffle (Winterland New Years 70-71 W/Pig*)
Side 4: 1. Sugar Ree, 2. Mr. Charlie (71 Felt Forum W/Pig*), 3. Lied & Cheated (71 Felt Forum W/Pig*)
Side 5: 1. Estimated Prophet, 2. Shakedown St
Side Sex*: Fire on the Mountain, 2. Sugar Mag

* (as told by album cover)
And it has a little label in the lower right corner that says: POOW PRODUCTIONS L.S.D.
Overall a really good album, I just know there have to be more out there!!
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