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TTB/Black Crowes

#273649 1 year, 3 months ago
Just got home from the show here in Raleigh. What a great combo, each band was awesome. Not ashamed to admit I get goo-goo ga-ga for Susan, and the whole band makes me wanna listen to them all night. Susan did the Sugaree bit at the end of Angel From Montgomery to the delight of the entire crowd. Chris Robinson (wearing a Dead shirt) joined them for rousing version of the Sly and the Family Stone classic "Higher". Haven't seen the Crowes in a long time but they blew me away. Jackie Greene really adds a lot to them. They gave me my "Hard to Handle. The last 30 minutes was most everybody on stage ending with Lovelight. Wore my Pigpen shirt; musta brought me good luck.

If this show comes to your sphere, do not miss it!
Thank You Cody, we are forever Grateful!
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