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FREE CDS, im giving away my bootleg collection

#270673 1 year, 3 months ago
im giving:) away my bootleg cd-r collection if you see any that you would like please send me pm

it would be nice if whoever would like a show could just cover the shipping costs and the price of the blank discs

ive got more shows than this if you have any show requests send me an email and let me know what your looking for

just to give you an idea ive got over 1000 grateful dead shows alone, i just didnt want to take the time to type everything up, if there is a show your looking for message me the date and place, and chances are i have it

keep truckin

heres my list

aerosmith-new orleans LA 7-26-75

aerosmith-lakeland florida 10-15-75

black sabbath-earth studio sessions

acdc-belgium 10-17-76

alice cooper-saginaw MI 5-10-78

black sabbath-offenbach germany 4-7-77

the doors-vancouver CA 6-6-70

frank zappa-miami FL 2-8-69[master]

grateful dead-avalon ballroom CA 5-19-66

janes addiction-honolulu HI 9-25-91

genesis-palm beach FL 1-10-75

led zeppelin-greensboro NC 1-29-75

van halen-pasedena CA 10-15-77

led zeppelin-salt lake city UT 5-26-73

steppen wolf-sweden 9-20-72

iron maiden-sweden 11-14-86

iron maiden-holland 4-28-81

U2-rotterdam 6-15-92

rush-cleveland OH 8-26-74

guns n roses-noblesville IN 5-29-91

nine inch nails-brixton 7-7-07

rush-chicago IL 12-16-78

rolling stones-houston Tx 10-28-81

rolling stones-washington DC 7-4-72

the who- kilburn london 12-15-77

the doors-danbury CT 10-17-67

santana-denver CO 9-28-71

black sabbath-glasgow 3-9-73

queen-montreal 12-1-78

van halen chatworth Ca 1974 demos

grateful dead 10-23-70

motorhead roundhouse london 7-20-75

jethro tull norfolk VA 4-22-72

neil young caneise hall NY 5-12-70

pink floyd the starclub copenhagen denmark 9-13-67[master]

devo seattle Wa 1-9-09

smashing pumpkins athens greece 6-9-98

dire straits rotterdam holland 10-19-78

KISS providence RI 8-3-75

bachman turner overdrive agora cleveland 1974

donovan seattle wa 8-13-86

uriah heep milwaukee WI 8-24-75

megadeth detroit MI 11-17-04

nirvana amsterdam NL 11-25-91

soundgarden san jose Ca 6-3-94

the eagles oklahoma city OK 6-14-72[master]

kansas detroit MI 11-29-76

led zeppelin alabama 5-13-73

jimi hendrix ontario canada 5-3-69[clone]

stevie ray vaughn kalamazoo MI 8-24-90

syd barrett a fish out of water

zz top clarkston MI 4-15-80

devo akron OH 1974

ted nugent beloit WI 7-11-96

pink floyd 7-2-77 madison square garden[master]

pink floyd milwaukee WI 6-22-75

pink floyd saporro japan 3-13-72

the moody blues phillidelphia PA 12-3-70

motorhead malung sweden 7-5-85

the who passaic NJ 9-11-79

judas priest-colliseum arena 10-17-79


2010.06.05 - Kiss, Nuernberg, Rock im Park, Germany

led zeppelin-toronto canada 2-2-69[master reel]

kiss -kyoto japan 2-26-77

rush-stainless steel 11-15-75

rush-blackforest offenbach germany 5-28-79

peter frampton-denver colorado 3-6-74

emerson lake and palmer- zurich switzerland 4-15-73

iggy pop-houston tx 11-11-88

kiss-detroit MI 4-12-74

pink floyd- barcelona-7-20-88

guns n roses-hartford,ct 3-9-93

van halen-hershey Pa 5-18-08

crosby stills nash and young-pine knob clarkston MI 8-14-87

david bowie-denver co 6-1-90

jerry garcia-boars head coffee house,jewish community center san

carlos CA 6-11-62 [EXTREMELY RARE]

led zeppelin- copenhagen 7-24-79

the who- richfield colliseum Oh 12-6-79[extremely rare]

metallica-essen germany 1-25-87

georgia satelites-pine knob clarkston MI 6-18-87

jerry garcia palo alto Ca 5-4-63

grateful dead-grand prix racecourse 73

the who-memphis 6-21-70

led zeppelin- blueberry hill La forum 9-4-70

yes-new orleans 2-25-2010

grateful dead-rfk stadium wa dc 6-10-73

the doors-dallas tx 12-11-70

rush-redrocks morrison co 8-16-2010

black sabbath-offenbach germany 4-7-77

Ozzy Osbourne East Rutherford NJ December 3 2010

Pink Floyd - 1977-04-30 - Animals - Jeppesen Stadium Houston Texas USA

Led Zeppelin 1972.02.29 - Brisbane

Grateful Dead - 1969.07.16 - San Francisco, CA

Cream - Acid (The lost Cream tapes)

Cream - 10-4-68 - Oakland Coliseum Oakland[mp3 sourced]

Pink Floyd-Animals Over Milwaukee 6-15-77[mp3 sourced]

Stevie Ray Vaughn-1985.06.07 Chicago Blues Festival, Chicago[mp3 source]

Guns N Roses-Alpine Valley Music Theatre WI 7-29-88[mp3 source]

2008-07-25 - Nine Inch Nails - Pemberton, BC, Canada

10 - grateful dead 1985-11-10 - Meadowlands Arena[mp3 source]

led zeppelin-03-21-75 Definitely seattle

pink floyd-1968-05-23 - Amsterdam (both early and late shows)

10 - grateful dead 1987-05-10 - Laguna Seca Recreation Area[mp3]

pink floyd-1974 - Masters of rock[mp3]

David Bowie 1990-06-01 McNichols Arena Denver 1st gen





Jimi Hendrix 08_16_68

Kiss 1976-12-04 Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans

rush-Milwaukee,WI 10-9-82

led zeppelin-1975-01-20 Chicago


Pantera - 1993.02.02.Psycho Cowboys,Noorderlict,Tilburg,NL

Pink Floyd - 1977-04-30 - Animals - Jeppesen Stadium Houston Texas USA


The Rolling Stones - Essen 10-10-1973

The Who 1968-08-10 Saint Charles

The Who 1970-06-21 Memphis

The Who 1973-10-29 Wolverhampton

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