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Re: Musicians, what kind of gear you playing on?

#29676 3 years, 4 months ago
[quote="flavaham" post=22115]

Here's my rig. I'll give you the run down:

Guitars: '96 Fender American Strat with Custom Shop '57s (thinking of putting an on board mid-boost in it as well). Ibanez AS120 (stock).

Pedals: Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron

Thumbs way up for the Q-tron, freakin love that thing!
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Re: Musicians, what kind of gear you playing on?

#30552 3 years, 4 months ago
Two SP-303s
Crybaby Wah
Super Shifter
Boss Noise Suppressor
Boss RC-20xl
Mooger Fooger Ring Modulator
Mini Q-Tron
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Re: Musicians, what kind of gear you playing on?

#30567 3 years, 4 months ago
There's some nice equiptment here.
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Re: Musicians, what kind of gear you playing on?

#33044 3 years, 3 months ago
i'm mostly an acoustic guitar player. my stable includes a couple of Collings, a few Bourgeois, a Martin HD-28V custom and a Santa Cruz OM cutaway.

when i go electric i play a fender tele '52 reissue and a les paul standard. my favorite amps are my Dr. Z EZG-50 and 1972 fender bandmaster reverb. as for pedals i don't use many, but i like vintage MXR, as well as fulltone and retroman.
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Re: Musicians, what kind of gear you playing on?

#60776 3 years ago
I play drums, got an 8-piece (plus three roto toms) Tama Rockstar in brushed burgandy metallic with:

22" Zildjian Pitch Black ride
19" Zildjian crash (A Custom)
18" Zildjian ReZo crash (A Custom)
18" Zildjian Oriental Trash China
16" Zildjian crash (A)
14" Sabian hi-hats
Pearl pedals
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Re: Musicians, what kind of gear you playing on?

#60806 3 years ago
1978 Wal Pro 2E 4 strings 21 frets
Ampeg SVT-3 Pro Amp
slaved to a Ampeg B-50R combo
attached to a Eden nemesis cab 4 10's
all that makes me happy
now just to find some people to play with
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Re: Musicians, what kind of gear you playing on?

#60846 3 years ago
Great thread idea!!! We should keep this one going for musicians out there. I'll post a picture when I get my phone or camera working!

I prefer to make as much of my own musical equipment as possible. I just finished a beautiful stratocaster from swamp ash sourced from Louisiana after Katrina hit, it has extra some extra density to it above a normal strat ash body and has a very rich tone. The neck is ebony figure board on top of maple neck and the pickguard is a five layer composite of birds eye maple and walnut. The guitar is finished with natural oils and stains to maintain the natural look of the wood. It sounds and plays like a dream. The pickups are Lindy Fralin pickups vintage wound. (Bob plays blade-style humbuckers by Fralin in one of his strats so most of you already now how sweet the tone can be from the right pickup!!)

My pedal board consists of an mxr-90, an old DD-3, a special analog pedal my friend made which is my favorite on the board!, an OD-2 from Japan, and finally a dyna comp by mxr. I used to use a cry baby wah but have removed it lately as well as the phase shifter. I am attempting to get my hands on a mutron iii from musitronics or atleast a broken one that I can fix myself. I am also planning on buying a EH POG of some kind as an good octave divider is hard to come by.

My amp is an old marshall valvestate. not the best but a decent tone, my next mission is for an amp upgrade. But I think I wanna build this one instead of inheriting from an old friend as I can source vintage and quality parts so I know what I am getting instead of buying some overpriced boutique amp or shelling out a few grand on a vintage amp.

I try to limit the effects used and have gone from extreme use of pedals to a minimalist approach to just let the great tone of the guitar to come through.

I've also been making guitar picks by allowing the local freight/passenger trains to run over quarters. Believe it or not they often have the perfect picking edge
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