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Crossfire Hurricane - Stones fans don't miss

#214248 1 year, 11 months ago
Shit put this up in G discussion probably better suited here:

Watched Crossfire Hurricane last night ---its a new 2 hour documentary on the Stones made with Stones blessing and includes new interviews with the Stones..even if they are filmed in the dark. Simply awesome. Tons of never before seen footage and really the first hour or so is dedicated to their first 6 yrs. The riot videos from the 60's are unbelievable. They never finsihed a show in the early days they would bet on how far into the show people would riot...seriously riot. Storm the stage try to rip the musicians apart. Fight cops........ average show length 10 minutes.. lots of great footage and stuff on Brian Jones ..including him sitting in a circle with the stones in the studio recording the great slide playing on No Expectations..what Mick says was his last recorded contribution to the Stones. Anyway its on Showtime I'm sure they are gonna replay the shit out of it... ( oh and lots!!! of backstage stuff....and they did not edit ALL of the parting out...) Best and mpst accurate portrayal of the Stones I have ever seen.
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