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Re: Hangtown Halloween Ball

#209430 1 year, 11 months ago
anybody recovered enough for a review?

i hope the get DM3 next year. it is ran by great peeps 4 sure.
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Re: Hangtown Halloween Ball

#210429 1 year, 11 months ago
huemoon wrote:
Many thumbs up!

A very well put together affair . . . very mellow scene, clean (no porta-johns!), everyone in costume ready to get down, and the weather was perfect. Even ran into a few kids I met on fall tour. Definitely a must for next year if at all possible -- a Halloween fest, what a time!

California festivals are always filled with people wearing costumes and interesting attire, so I kept forgetting it was Halloween. The costumes just seemed normal for anytime of year at a California festival.

There is one festival in particular where you see lots of costumes and lots of skin (clothing optional)... that one sure does get interesting in a very good way.

I still often wonder why people choose to live east of the Rockies.
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