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Its an obsession but its pleasing

Still cant get over how great this last tour was!!

#206886 1 year, 12 months ago
I was so fortunate to do the whole fall west coast tour and it was the time of my life!!! It was my first full tour and everything about it was amazing!! Every single show was absolutly top notch, Phil was on fire as always, Bobby looked and sounded better than I have ever seen him ( he was belting out everything, growling, and crowing). Phil and Bobby seem to be getting younger sometimes.... Jon really really blew my mind, he has such big shoes to fill and he is so humble, love him!!! Of course Chimenti and Russo were top notch as always and sunshine and Jeff even seemed to add a more powerful element than past shows. I also was very happy with how clean the scene seemed compared to last shows... Most of the people at the shows were really amazing to talk to and werent there to get fucked up like in the past, there seemed to be less garbage as well (including nitris, not a big fan of what it is or what it does to our scene). It was also really great meeting some of the board members that I had not met before.

I have been on the bus for a while, but now with Furthur playing this good, it is my mission to see Furthur, Phil, and Bobby as much as I can, while I can and while they are still playing.... There is nothing like going to these shows and letting the music flow through you and dancing your ass off.
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