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Tony Puff Puff
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My band is playing in oakland tonight!! 5/17/12

#158027 2 years, 5 months ago
Hola music fans. If you are in Oakland tonight thursday 5/17/12 please come out to Vitus (201 Broadway in Oakland's Jack London Square) for some sweet tuneage: Alt-(ered) Country nite at Vitus in Oakland's hip and historic Jack London Square. Featuring two of the east bay's best americana purveyors: Spidermeow (art-damaged roots rock at it's most raucously sublime) and the awesome Collisionville (post-punk country preacher anthems and cosmic folk blues explosions). We are hoping to get a sweet social and performance scene for the bay area americana and roots rock community going with these special thursday nights at Vitus. It would be great to see all of you there!!! Oh and it's only $5 to get inski!! Also Vitus has some freakin' awesome food and drinks not to mention being really classy while still being comfortable and nice check it out!!!!
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