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Mickey Hart Band at Crystal Ballroom May 10

#156242 2 years, 5 months ago
Great show last night at the beautiful Crystal Ballroom in Portland. I love this talented lineup and the songs from the new Mysterium Tremendum album!

Mickey had a pretty good buzz on. I talked to a few folks who had gone to the CD signing beforehand and apparently he was pretty high then as well. Glad he was enjoying himself! Surprisingly there was literally no one at the show. I have never seen this venue so empty. I'd estimate 500 people in a venue that holds 1500 but that they usually oversell to about 1700. It was nice to have some extra dancing space but hope this does not mean Mickey will skip Portland next time around. Why it was so undersold is a mystery as I think they sold out the McDonald Theater in Eugene last November.

Mickey started the show out by fondly recalling the "Quick and Dead" tour when the Grateful Dead played two shows at the Crystal Ballroom in 1968 with Quicksilver Messenger Service. Then the band launched into Not Fade Away. I liked the way they mixed some rollicking Dead tunes with songs from the new album but really I could have gone for just the spacier stuff last night, it was sounding so good. I can't decide if Mickey is a magician or just an overgrown kid playing with percussive & electronic tinker toys.

They played a sweet slow version Brokedown Palace in the 1st set. Crystal Monee Hall is a joy to listen to and watch. I had the pleasure of seeing her tour with the musical RENT and she relays a great soulful feeling to everything she sings. I like the way she uses the two microphones, kind of like serving as her own backup singer. The first set ended with Franklins and I had to look up who that rockin' young lad on guitar was! Gawain Matthews was a new name to me - apparently they feature his music on American Idol -- whoda thunk it? He and Dave Schools (who I think of as a smiling version of Hagred) played well off of each other although I wish Dave would come more to the foreground instead of hanging out in the back. Tim Hockenberry was also new to me and what a talent. Mickey knows how to pick musicians!

They also played a good version of Fire on the Mountain (I was grateful it was not that rap version Mickey used to do!), a fun GDTRFB and an encore of Friend of the Devil which I found to be a bit too subdued. But where they really shine is with the new stuff. Love the energy of Supersonic Vision and the spaciness of Heartbeat of the Sun. Other than Starlight Starbright I do not know the names of the other newer songs.

A fun time was had by all on the bouncy floating dance-on-air floor!
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Re: Mickey Hart Band at Crystal Ballroom May 10

#156333 2 years, 5 months ago
Excellent review. Well written, and enjoyable to read. Yes, Mickey isn't drawing huge crowds, and that's truly unfortunate.
But I think he's catching on. Crystal is really talented, and has a beautiful voice. Tim was surprisingly good, considering how
many different things he does. He was a former member of Trans Siberian Orchestra, among other things. Gawain is a good
guitarist, and as long as your not trying to compare him with Garcia, he's fine for this. And I love Schools. I became aware of
him through Wide Spread Panic, but learned to appreciate his talent more with Mickey. Can't wait to see them again in Buffalo.
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