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Dark Star Orchestra

#144570 2 years ago
Wondering if anyone is going to the DSO show in Agoura in Friday. Also wondering what everyone thinks of the band with Jeff on lead instead of John K. I think they both have different styles, but equally as good.
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Re: Dark Star Orchestra

#144638 2 years ago
Saw DSO with Jeff on 4/1 and he was amazing!

I did not think I would like them as much w/o John. I've seen DSO dozens of times, mainly because of John, but another big reason is convenience -- they play often near me which is not the case with a lot of other bands. I would not travel far to see them but in the general vicinity- sure!

Enjoy the show!
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Re: Dark Star Orchestra

#144652 2 years ago
Loved with John. Love them with Jeff, ALOT!
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Re: Dark Star Orchestra

#145084 2 years ago
From last Saturday

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Re: Dark Star Orchestra

#146887 2 years ago
Sounded really good at times last night, but crowd+venue different story.
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