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A night of Pink Floyd in Petaluma - March 24th

#133728 2 years, 6 months ago
For any Pink Floyd fans near Petaluma, here’s a plug for the band I’m involved with – House of Floyd. We’re playing at the Mystic on Sat, March 24th. The band’s been around for a while, but with changes in personal and direction over the recent years, there’s a lot of goodness going on now. Unlike other Floyd tributes that do note-for-note copying of albums, we focus on the lesser-known live arrangements Floyd used – mostly the 70s Floyd. For the upcoming Mystic show, the first set is one long uninterrupted exploration of earlier Floyd including Echoes and a complete Shine On – a hybrid of the early 1974 and the final 1977 concert versions, with lots more earlier trippy Floyd buried within that set.

The 2nd set will be focused more on grooves, to take advantage of the open floor up front.

Our sets generally flow from one song to another and we try to make the segues interesting. Lots of Dead influence among the members and crew, and one member spent a couple of years in Greg Allman’s band.

We’ve been using a surround sound system, and full on lighting and video - which include many of the original Floyd films. It’s a stoney, fun thing. Check out our site and facebook page. Hope to see new faces up at the Mystic, or at another show. Cheers!
House of Floyd site
Facebook page
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Re: A night of Pink Floyd in Petaluma - March 24th

#133737 2 years, 6 months ago
Sounds like a good time. I love Pink Floyd. Have a great show.
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Re: A night of Pink Floyd in Petaluma - March 24th

#134061 2 years, 6 months ago
ENJOY! Was Jamming Floyd last night, great music. If I lived out there, I would be stopping in
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