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Great video GD show to be created

#118165 2 years, 8 months ago
Over the last few years, I've hosted small parties (20 people or so) in a club I know that has a great projection system.
We would screen one complete Dead show without revealing the set list. And we'd drink, dance, etc... and it was fun.

We were always limited to whatever DVD's were out there, but now, as a result of all the video sharing out there, we can do it a different way. I'd like to create a video show that adheres to the GD patterns of a show, but that is made up of great versions of the songs from any era. It would be as if I was VJing a show like a mixed tape. In fact, I wanted to create a VJ tool full of bins so parties could be like this, but created on the fly with the audience there.

When, I say 'patterns', while there were never any hard rules to GD shows, the tendency was, if i heard Scarlet > Fire at a show, it opened the second set and, hearing it also meant that i wouldn't likely hear China Cat > Rider that night.

Certain songs were first set, others encores, etc... and again, there were no hard rules, but there were some patterns.

So, what would your fav first set songs be and fav second set ones be? If you know a version, let me know.

I'm trying to watch as much of what's out there as i can, and map this out.

Grateful for any help you can offer.
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