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Longest & best Scarlet>Fire

#114084 2 years, 9 months ago
I am looking for the longest Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain. Plese let me know your thoughts by show location and date. Thanks
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Re: Longest & best Scarlet>Fire

#114373 2 years, 9 months ago
not a S>F, but highly recommended:
gd74-08-06.1463.shnf (LOVE the sound of this one; Billy is a driving fool, and Phil is dropping the massive, oscillating crushers all over the place; Keith is on-point as well; The funky jam before going into Scarlet is fantastic; Truckin' jam and forward is another highlight, and every bit as good as the PitB>Scarlet>PitBR (which is FANTASTIC), with Phil "Howitzer" Lesh rattling everything not bolted down - SO heavy in the jams and Seastones) **also on Dick's 31

onto your question...from my listening notes:
gd77-05-08 (SMOOTH sailing; I believe it clocks in at only 25+ minutes, but it is flawless)
gd78-04-16.sbd.miller.82273.sbeok.flac16 (Scarlet -really gets rolling towards the end->Fire -Jerry's hot! from 3:10-4:22!! Bob's hanging tough with Jerry the whole way-; ROLLING FIRE!!!; Estimated smokes; PLAY LOUD)
gd81-12-09.sbd.miller.87349.sbeok.flac16 (good 2nd set; good Scarlet>Fire; nice Estimated until Bob stars the BS; good He's Gone with nice Brent and jam into a great tribal drum session)
gd82-05-23.sbd.gorinsky.5058.sbeok.shnf (good Shakedown, Loser, exceptional Scarlet>Fire, Let It Grow, Samson & Delilah, Ship of Fools, odd The Other One)
gd82-08-08.sbd.skankweed.15580.sbeok.shnf (very nice 2nd set; Scarlet>Fire Jerry is rocking; TOO and NFA are of note; good Brokedown Palace)
gd83-04-23.set2-sbd.miller.29469.sbeok.flac16 (decent Scarlet and a good Fire...good enough to give that feeling the 2nd set is going to be an above average one, which it certainly is. Jerry is really digging his heels into Saint of Circumstance, and Bob has the fever. Good drums. An 18-minute The Other One that never takes hold and remains in a high state of post-space for darn near its entirety. An attractive, soulful Wharf Rat into a quality Throwing Stones strongly anchored by Phil with some very nice Jerry licks. Jerry's been showing up for moments at a time in each song throughout the set, but with Not Fade Away, he's engaged the entire time. Brokedown Palace encore...always a treat. An especially nice Brent show.)
gd83-09-04.sbd.clugston.2193.sbeok.shnf (good 2nd set; Scarlet>Fire, Spanish Jam>The Wheel>TOO)
gd83-10-21.sdbd.8113.shnf (Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountian>Uncle John's Band->Playing in the Band; for the time, nice)
gd91-06-25.fob-akg-mahoney-oneill.miller.28403.sbeok.shnf (good show overall; nice 2nd set with a 40-minute Scarlet>Fire, solid He's Gone into a good Drums, sweet Comes a Time)
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