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GD 1982 New Years Run Vine

#101525 2 years, 10 months ago
Hey now friends Happy Holidays! I would like to start a vine to celebrate the season with 5 nights from the Oakland Auditorium circa 1982. 2 dvds of flac/shn. Source info and vine guidelines are below. Probably throw in a bonus disc as well ... I'm thinking some stuff from '89. If you are in, sign up and message me your address and I'll get them out to you!


Vine Structure and Rules
1) cut and paste the entire structure and rules with each signup
2) don't sign up if you can't turn this around quickly
3) update the vine when you mail out the disc
4) skip anyone who does not provide prompt communication
5) contact the person above you in Furthur Connect when you sign up and send them your mailing address
6) indicate on the vine if you want to be contacted personal message (pm) or by your personal email (write your email after your name in the vine)

I went walkin' out last summer
Tryin' to find a breath of air
I went walkin' on the mountain
A friend had told me I'd find you there
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