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Re: Gratefuldeadgame.com

#99875 2 years, 10 months ago
83msg1sttyme wrote:
i just checked it out they want you to pay for memberships and buy stealies to pay for stuff the premise is neat but im not giving them money to play a game,but to each their own. i did build a bear for the heck ofit ,didnt save it tho

I'm with you 83. On the surface, it looks interesting. But I already did this in real life. Not sure I need to pay more money,
to do it again in the virtual world. But, if someone is into that kind of thing, more power to them.
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Re: Gratefuldeadgame.com

#99928 2 years, 10 months ago
Shakeit wrote:
This looks so funny, I made a bear, and voted for a few "epic shows". Hopefully you don't have to pay just to play the game, because thats ridiculous.
From the email they sent out :
"In the Game World, each Epic Show is a Planet in Space. Players are on an adventure trying to get to every show of the tour. The community faces a common challenge: a tug-of-war between The Dark and Light. Darkness in the Game World is undiscovered, empty, or unkind places. The community will work together to shine the Love Light in places where there is Darkness. Light represents the collective positive vibe of the Grateful Dead experience: the music, fun, community, celebration, cooperation, individualism, hope, freedom, escape, and joy. Light is brought by acts of kindness to other players, by cooperation, and by cultivating gardens of flowers."

LOL. That made me laugh so much, but it sounds like it could be really cool
Seems I play this game in real life on every tour! I guess I just need one of the Dead bear suits!
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Re: Gratefuldeadgame.com

#118438 2 years, 8 months ago
Is it game time?

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