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Re: Its an inside job wake up folks

#99722 2 years, 10 months ago
Walk in the Sunshine wrote:
Mr.Spuntastic wrote:
Just don't buy tickets off the scalpers and the boys will wonder why no one is at a sold out show.

That would be spuntastic. That said I am quite sure some people reading this will buy from scalpers. I urge them to at least wait till like the day before the shows... and watch the scalpers price come down when they realize they have 400 unsold tix and the shows tommorow.

if no one bought tickets from scalpers it wouldn't be a problem, i see scalpers as more of offering a service (an illegitimate one at that) to not as serious fans...i.e. people who had no idea tickets went on sale today or whatnot and then also to people who are desperate to get in

i'll be in NYC 12th-15th, only have two nights i'll try and find an extra for face up until the moment the show starts, if i can't find one shit i'm in NYC might as well enjoy myself with the billion other things to do in the city (not to be taken as i don't want to go into a show thats of course #1 on my list, but i'm not gonna pay any more than face)
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Walk in the Sunshine
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Re: Its an inside job wake up folks

#99731 2 years, 10 months ago
WITS the fix is in! You are right to hammer away on this one. If you search my posts you'll see I've done may fair share of complaining on this very subject.

Thanks deadegad. I was starting to think I was the one of the only people with a clue. I know when I'm gettin shit on and I'm not the type to lay down and just accept it. Hell if some of these folks were Rosa Parks they'd still be sittin on the back of the bus. Being that I alone have spent 10 of thousands of dollars on tickets over the years and followed these guys all over the country ( now and now multipy me by 1000's of other heads) you think they could at least come on their own site and explain the how & why this travesty was allowed to happen. I was taught right and wrong at a young age and the way these tickets are up on TMs own scalping website (400 plus for one show alone) is definately wrong.
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Re: Its an inside job wake up folks

#99773 2 years, 10 months ago
Walk in the Sunshine wrote:
MsJimp wrote:
It's FEMA I tell you

As scary as all of this talk about FEMA camps is and as strange as some things may be getting there are a few things we always forget about such things when letting our natural imaginations take over. 1. FEMA is incapable of managing a hurricane. 2. FEMA is incapable of providing ANYTHING after a hurricane other than bottles of water, heater meals and tarps. 3. FEMA will just give most perspective residents of said camps a voucher for a future stay once they become eligible for camp residency, 4. The rules for camp residency eligibility will be so indeterminable that almost NO ONE will qualify for this government benefit FEMA is allegedly training high school kids to be the future employees of these camps with clubs in high schools, their videos claim things like "I AM FIERCE " and a young lady zipping up her wind breaker stating proudly "AND THIS IS WHAT I WEAR" this uniform is khaki pants, an ugly ass ascot , a long sleeve shirt and a wind breaker that is burgundy in color. How in the hell can a kid that is being brainwashed to be anti gun and looks like a Mc Donalds employee actually scare anyone for the simple fact that they are doing calisthenics in formation? Just shout an order at them like "MOP THE FLOOR" and they will comply lol. I have seen these high school FEMA geeks in action in Florida during the hurricane season from hell and all I can say is LMAO.

Thats some funny shit right there. Perhaps we can get these trainees to storm ticket master headquartes. Or send them on a scouting mission to find Further managements brain. First its a tour with one off shows 100's of miles away back and forth east-west-east-west...now they schedule a run of shows at a venue in one place YIPPIE but unfortunately you cannot acquire tickets to it unless you want to pay their ticket provider a premium for tickets on their scalper site.

LOL if they did storm anything no one would be frightened enough of them to change the way they would do business. I will have to find a link to this video.
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