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#98543 2 years, 10 months ago
In 13 days, I'll be 65 friggin' years old. And entering year 44 or so as a devoted Deadhead. Yikes!
Anyway, my recollection is that Aoxomoxoa was the album that really, really started minting Deadheads in large numbers. In any case, it was the album that got me onboard, absolutely.
When it was released in summer of '69, I was still in the Army, about to spend my last year stationed in Oakland. That after spending the previous 13 months in a faraway place... a faraway place that at least produced some splendid agricultural products to help take one's mind off being there.
To continue, though, I well remember walking around Berkeley and North Oakland then and often hearing "Cosmic Charlie" or something blaring from someone's speakers. It just seemed that everyone was playing it. Which wasn't the case with their first two albums.
I have a question about the album cover, though, that maybe someone here can answer. The script on the album cover that spelled out AOXOMOXOA was done by Rick Griffin in what is called Ambigram style (meaning it could also be read as something else... which in this instance also said, "We ate the acid.")
Does anyone know if any band members worked, in any way, with Rick Griffin in creating that? It would seem to me that they would have had to, at least, given the artwork the OK. But in all these years, I never came across a story about that.
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#98561 2 years, 10 months ago
I never saw that hidden writing on the cover of Aox. In fact, I just went and dug out the record (I still have some classic records but no record player) and still cant see the hidden writing that you speak of.

There was an original mix of Aox and a re-mix. The original mix has the little acapella tag at the end of Doing That rag like you hear on old tapes. I lucked out in getting an original mix LP from a friend in college who gave me a few of his older brothers records.

I also enjoy the outtakes tape that circulates, with the St Stephen-The 11 with bagpipes on The 11, and the wacky "Barbed Wire Whipping party" that was thankfully never released.

People say that Courtney Love is in the photograph on the back cover (one of the kids). Any truth to this???
These are the good old days!!
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#98594 2 years, 10 months ago
one of my favorite albums and also one of my favorite palindromes.

you have to cover the bottom half of the title, and the top says we ate the acid.

i've heard/read about the courtney love thing, but as i wasn't there i can't really confirm it.
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#98608 2 years, 10 months ago
used wikipedia as a source so can't confirm any of this, but here's some info

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