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May sound very stupid, but worth the risk

#98493 2 years, 10 months ago
I always thought Dark Star to be overrated. Don't get me wrong i have enjoyed it alot in the past but i never thought it deserved the credit it got. I was always baffled when my friends father told me how it got him hooked back in '71 and how it was the "Pivotal and most authentic" dead song there was. Terrapin seemed better to me and the other one, uncle johns, jack straw, and a lot of them. Suddenly i cant stop listening to dark star. Its always in my head and has quickly become the new favorite song. Weird how life works out.

Damn good song.
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Re: May sound very stupid, but worth the risk

#98497 2 years, 10 months ago
Dude I felt the same way about dark star years ago and the bam it hits me. Now when I here phil dial it up I get so excited and just enjoy the ride. I'm still waiting for some songs to get me like that. China doll is one. I know I will like that song one day when it likes me.
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Re: May sound very stupid, but worth the risk

#100115 2 years, 10 months ago
it took me so long to grow an appreciation for China Doll. Nobody girl is another one. i saw furthur play it twice and i was not impressed. The third time however, it blew me away and now i love the song. crazy.
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Re: May sound very stupid, but worth the risk

#100118 2 years, 10 months ago
dark star is the bee's knees!
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Re: May sound very stupid, but worth the risk

#102936 2 years, 10 months ago

Now I can't imagine none of you are unaware of this, but the whole (or majority of it) 8/27/72 Veneta show is on You tube. Enter Sunshine Daydream in the search, and voila!

I never thought Dark Star was overrated, if anything it's underrated in the annals of music. When I get into a discussion with non Dead Heads I point out it's the only song that has performances of it strung out on 2 cd's, which is, of course the Grayfolded album.

It's also, in my opinion the only Dead song that was actually never played the same way twice, and certainly evolved over the years.
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Re: May sound very stupid, but worth the risk

#103021 2 years, 10 months ago
Dark Star, China Doll, and Nobody Girl are all excellent songs in my book! Dark Star was written before the first black hole was ever actually discovered or observed! That's enough to make you think that maybe Hunter and the Boys REALLY tapped into something special with LSD, eh?


Here's a little snippet from the link above, that I thought was wonderful:

spinning a set the stars through which the tattered tales of axis roll about the waxen wind of never set to motion in the unbecoming round about the reason hardly matters nor the wise through which the stars were set in spin

Dark Star
What can I say about "Dark Star"? The prototypical Grateful Dead song, providing the band with a vehicle for countless hours of improvisation. Hunter states in a note in Box of Rain that "Dark Star" was the first song lyric he wrote with the band.

China doll, a song of biblical proportions! Definitely has had some deep meaning to me in different aspects of my life..


Another interesting snippet:

This song was originally titled The Suicide Song, and I at first looked at it as a dialog between a suicide and God or Jesus, where the suicide argues in favor of being allowed into heaven even though he/she committed what for Catholics is an unforgivable sin. But then an even more bizarre interpretation dawned on me, and well, you should always go with the bizarre.

I think one way to look at this song is to see it as a commentary on the threat of nuclear war. It imagines the aftermath of The Bomb in much the same way Morning Dew did. In this light, I see the song as a dialog between a Human (representing humankind) and a Creator in the wake of a nuclear holocaust where humans destroy themselves completely. The bombs are dispatched-- "a pistol shot at five o'clock"-- and the resulting holocaust shakes even "the bells of heaven", causing them to ring. The Creator, perhaps in despair of His destroyed work, asks the Human "Tell me what you done it for". The Human refuses to "tell you a thing".

But then the Human points out that he/she had begged the Creator yesterday "before I hit the ground", a plea for mercy that the Creator was unable to give. The Human also consoles the Creator with "all I leave behind me is only what I found", meaning that while mankind and its works are destroyed, the earth will eventually recover and life will go on. The Human then asks "if you can abide it let the hurdy-gurdy play", meaning even though mankind is so flawed as to create the means of its own destruction, let it be born again out of the ashes of its self-destruction. After all, "stranger ones" than we have come and gone in the pageant of the cosmos.
Finally, the Human promises that unlike in the time of Jesus, "I will not condemn you nor yet would I deny", perhaps signaling a promise of a new birth in spirituality among humankind. The Human then asks the Creator to also refrain from condemning or denying its creation just because it is flawed, but assures the Creator that in any case, it "will not die".

In the last part, the Human reassures the Creator that his creation will survive even this self-destruction, that the Creator can "Take up your china doll" (the earth/life), which isn't destroyed but "only fractured, just a little nervous from the fall".

How's that for way over-thinking this song!!!

--Rob Meador

And Nobody Girl, for me, is just another good song, although it's a bit sad. Been awhile since I've heard that one. I think I have heard it with PL&F with Joan singing and Ryan Adams. I know it was one of the songs Joan sang in one of my favorite Phil shows I remember from 06. Brings back some memories of an amazing show I was at and wonderful experience I had.
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Re: May sound very stupid, but worth the risk

#103075 2 years, 10 months ago
Mr.Spuntastic wrote:
dark star is the bee's knees!

far be it for me to say it is the cat's ass as well

Merry Christmas everyone

at the climax where tootie knocks down the snowmen 'cause Esther is going to New York....Meet Me in St. Louis.....got the cold sweats now, need to take the dog down to the sea and for some fetching blow the stink off
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Re: May sound very stupid, but worth the risk

#103096 2 years, 10 months ago
It takes some folk a little bit longer to slip into the primordial ooze. That's all. Just means a treasure awaits you when you're ready.

2011-07-17 is my favorite Furthur Dark Star. Maybe even my favorite Dark Star since the 70s. Chimenti is channeling Bitches Brew in a heavy way. It's not one of their amorphous, lost-their-way versions. Everyone seems to be caught in a Bitches vein. It's very interesting that it is so unique like that. At least one person on Philzone noticed this as well, so I don't think I'm dreaming.
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