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Re: Xmas present from Bobby and TRI!

#99708 2 years, 10 months ago
bump for all us bobby fans.
fist off let me say this
you were in one of the most influencial rock groups in america, after that phase of your career ended you went on to expand with jay lane and rob wasserman the upon the jazz base upone which othe grateful dead always musically refered back to, at first as a sideproject, then after the loss of a friend/bandmate/mentor/more than a fan could ever know, you focused on that group, stumbling at first, but playing with greats such as Johnie Johnson, a name many of your audience didnt know, but you wanted them to know, you wanted the kids dancing to know where their music came from. years went by, and you jay and wassy eventually wound up with the right people, jeff, mark, kenny, and you. wassy had to leave because the music had changed so much, his stand up bass sound no longer worked, you needed more rock and roll bass, and he wasnt the man for the job, and you got a great bass playin in R.S.
i say, keep "scaring the children" but bring mark and kenny and jeff alont too. go and make magick.
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