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Re: Furthur @ Jones Beach - July 17th

#11563 3 years ago
"So many legendary venues that birthed the Dead out west. Seems a bit strange not to revisit those at least."
Agreed. Shoreline doesn't cut it. Do they still have concerts at Ventura County Fairgrounds?

Jones Beach is awesome, minus the lack of beer. I saw Grisman there with a bluegrass traveling show, 3-4 bands and he noted he had never performed at Jones Beach. It was special for him because he played in the sand n water many times on the beaches right next to the place as a kid...besides many great P+F and Dead moments there another great snapshot was seeing CSN play All Along the Lee Shore there on a perfect Summer night, sailboats maneuvering around the stage. It was one of those moments we music freaks all live for.
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Re: Furthur @ Jones Beach - July 17th

#11597 3 years ago
I'm still not sure why the West folks are so upset. From the early 80's on the GD did three East Coast Tours per year. Mostly Northeast, but the South did get some more love over time as the population exploded. The Midwest would normally be included in two, the south one.

The Pacific NW got its shows once a year for the most part.

The Southwest seemingly every other year.

NoCal a 5 runs per year, So Cal 1-2 times a year.

Denver At least once year.

Over time, the one offs and the towns that couldn't support more than one show or a stadium gig fell off the radar. You went to them.

So the crowds are smaller and but growing, in the grand scheme of things it's the Bay Area/No Cal that's cut the most. Makes me miss Cal Expo. They will do the Greek this year. The crowds are most greatly reduced in the Bay Area.... and there's less Comps available .
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Re: Furthur @ Jones Beach - July 17th

#11598 3 years ago
"Jones Beach is awesome, minus the lack of beer"

thats a plus for me, who drinks no alcohol what so ever. lol. I never even knew this (why would I pay attention anyway?) and I have been to Jones beach close to 10 times.
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