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Re: How come there is not much talk about Jeff on keys

#94132 2 years, 4 months ago
LOL.....this is awesome!!!

You just cant let it go.....I am awesome!!!

I can totally do without another Lost Saint for as long as live. And BTW.....MSG.....as Phil's night you idot!!! Bob just sang the song....big fucking deal.
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Re: How come there is not much talk about Jeff on keys

#94143 2 years, 4 months ago

Thank You for posting this artical. Interesting perspectives presented.

As stated before I really like what Jeff is bringing, sorry to say never had the plessure to see the others. So to rate one against the other would not be possible for me.

I just love it all~ you know what I mean.
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Re: How come there is not much talk about Jeff on keys

#94199 2 years, 4 months ago
While i feel like saying that Furthur is better than the Grateful Dead is in many ways blasphemy, it has some truth. Do not get me wrong, if I had the choice to see the Grateful Dead or Furthur, well the choice is pretty obvious. Jerry Garcia is a hero, a god, a leader to so many people, I mean what other musician dies and people still cant drop the topic 16 years later. I wonder if Beatles fans bitch about Paul McCartney because he sings a Lennon song haha. It has to be said though Jerry Garcia was like the quarterback of the band, and by the end he could not lead the team. He still had a solid team around him but he just could not carry it anymore. Can anyone really picture Jerry still playing even if he was alive? I dont think he could besides some solo shows and reunion shows, his health was just so poor and he just never could give up his habits. I am so grateful for Furthur, by far the best band post GD. I feel like Phil and Bobby (especially Phil) are rejuvinated, I have never seen so many smiles on stage when I saw P & F or Ratdog or the Dead. I hope Phil and Bob can stay healthy and keep playing at this level because I cannot express how grateful I am. Keep the scene and the music alive for as long as possible.
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Re: How come there is not much talk about Jeff on keys

#94204 2 years, 4 months ago
jeff has some great chops and his playing def takes me out there ,that said i prefer brents style,but brent's gone and he aint coming back so jeff it is he he really seems to pour his soul into his playing and i lve when he takes brents hammond out for a spin down memory lane
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Re: How come there is not much talk about Jeff on keys

#94274 2 years, 4 months ago
There are definitely certain pluses to what is happening now vs what was happening in the late-80s and then 90s. Then again, since Furthur is playing some of those same venues, a couple of those pluses are negated. Can't do anything about the number of folk who demand to see Furthur, but the much smaller venues and overall lesser hassles were a fantastic relief and gift with the other bands. I never had the opportunity to see the GD in smaller joints, so it was a big surprise how much that variable alone made a huge difference in my experiences (PL&F shows, for instance). I liked the traveling circus, but I think I like it not being around a bit more.

EDIT: I think Jeff's understated personality plays into the less talk of him. I love his playing, but I don't often talk about it. He knows. I know. We know. Probably good enough for him.
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Re: How come there is not much talk about Jeff on keys

#94284 2 years, 4 months ago
I love Jeff. I can only compare him to Brent, and Vince. Now, I don't think anyone can ever replace Brent. He brought
so much energy, and soul to the keyboards, it's was astonishing. Particularly when you find out about the demons he
was constantly fighting. The man gave us his all. Vince, a very good piano player in his own right, but really didn't do
much but keep the seat warm. Again, so many demons he was fighting. Very sad indeed. I feel better for Vince, having
gotten a chance to play in the big leagues. I know he wanted to do better. But just didn't have the chops of Brent,
or Keith. Or certainly Jeff. I wish so much I could have seen Pigpen perform. I love his style. So raw and powerful. But
I honestly think of him more as a singer, than a piano player. Jeff is so well rounded, he can play any style, and take leads
as well. I think we have the pleasure of having one of the best keyboardists in the business, playing for our favorite band.
We are truly blessed to have this great music in our lives still. To be able to see these guys get out there and create
new music as much as they do. I can't wait for more.

p.s. It looks like our two trolls have been banned. I'm sure they'll be back, but once again, thank you mr. Moderator.
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Re: How come there is not much talk about Jeff on keys

#94294 2 years, 4 months ago
I think Jeff and the fans understand maybe it's best for him to keep a low profile. Keyboardist for these guys has a higher fatality rate than climbers of K2. His solo flurries always get a huge response from the crowd, while providing such depth to the music. His playing on Althea and Peggy-O at the Orpheum in March 11' helped make that one of the greatest highlights in my memory. Check it out! I'd post it but I need to figure out how to create my avatar first. Thank You Jeff.

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