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Favorite/least favorite GD NYE shows?

#93948 2 years, 10 months ago
Not having attended any, I can attest only to those I have on DVD or heard so far on CD.

My favorite since I was a kid was 12/31/90. The least favorite of mine, so far, would be 12/31/91 simply because the second set was almost exactly the same as 1990.
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R U Kind?

Re: Favorite/least favorite GD NYE shows?

#94074 2 years, 10 months ago
I have one I played to death (from a cassette) that was FM broadcast. 12-31-1983. Amazing show, super kind Brother Esau ++


Some of you may remember father guido sarduchi. Here's a funny interview with Jerry from New Years 1984 - audio only (he discusses how Canada is lame and he reveals the ugliest member of the dead)

Here's new years 1977 / 1978 (Sugar Mag brought in the new year after Uncle Bobo drove the harley on the tightrope.

And how about this one from '85. Crowd goes WILD during midnight hour (great midnight song)

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